Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk

A Story by Hoshi Nami

The prickly tingling feeling of cold air was plaguing my feet, and I desperately wanted to crawl under the comforter and hold you even closer. Your body was so warm, but it was the way you were looking at me that made my body feel like it was being barbequed. Under the interrogating light of your piercing blue eyes, I was lost and desperately searching for an answer that wouldn’t reveal something too embarrassing.

“Tell me.”

“Mmmpfh,” maybe mumbling into the pillow would save me. If he can’t see my face then I’ll be safe, unless, he says…

“Look at me, please?”




 This was all so new. I should never have mentioned it. Why did I say anything?



Slowly cranking my neck away from the pillow crevice, I made sure there was hair in my face. My mask of disguise, my last protection. You made quick work of it, and I scowled slightly as you easily brushed away the unruly mess. Pulling me closer you smiled at your revealing work.

“Was this why I was so happy?” you questioned, still smiling and yet still looking superior. Jerk. I wasn’t giving in that easy.


“Because I woke up to you? That makes me happy.” Oh double s**t. I no longer felt the cold in my feet, my entire body and soul was melting.

“Maybe” was my only reply.

“Maybe? Well, what was it?” I could feel my reserves failing as your fingers waltzed down my sides, light quick touches that reverberated down my spine. One last desperate stand. I quickly wedged my head between the pillows again, glad that the dark space was cool to calm my flushed face.



“I kissed you.”

Oh god. Did I just say that out loud? Ohshitohshitohshitohshi…

But when I finally opened my eyes, I saw the most beautiful smile that had the unnatural ability to light up the entirety of the room. I couldn’t help but let myself respond with a rueful shy smile.

            “You kissed me? While I was asleep…really? Well you’ll have to show me again.”



And I did.


© 2009 Hoshi Nami

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Posted 12 Years Ago

OMG that was to much... what a great twist... I thought she had bad new then you pulled out that sweet surprise... turned from intriguing to romantic... Awesome work.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on November 21, 2009


Hoshi Nami
Hoshi Nami

my favorite poets (in order) are:: charles baudelaire william butler yeats carl sandburg pablo neruda i love the spanish language. my favorite color is purple. i've been down the rabbit hole, and am .. more..