Here On My Island

Here On My Island

A Story by HoWiE

A man wakes up on a mysterious island and soon discovers that he is not alone...

     It's dark as pitch here on my island. I hunch under the spreading canopy of fir trees that afford me scant shelter from the sleeting rain and stare out. The flickering flames of the wreckage cast frivolous, dancing shapes in the night, mocking me in their freedom. My vision is blurring and I feel sick to my stomach, nausea claims me and I am forced to bow to its dictation.

     I don't know how long I've been here, hours it seems� minutes only perhaps. There is blood at my temple and a free flow from my nose, I always bled well if nothing else. I struggle to stand with my legs threatening to disobey me given the slightest cause. My head is thumping and I've broken my arm, there's little mistaking that sensation. My mind is in chaos and yet I wade on through quagmire thoughts; where am I? Who am I?
     As I stumble back towards the burnt out craft, a familiar face pockmarks my murky recollections. I fail to evoke his name also. The fires are being doused now; the angry hiss of rain becoming steam bears testament to that. I search the mangled and twisted carnage of metalwork to find him within, as crushed and broken as the machine into which he is now fused. My companion is dead and I am alone. Perhaps not for long I fear, soon my nemesis will come for me and I must prepare.
     I hear the distant thrum of engines and something bright sparkles in the distance, searing my eyes and exploding fireworks of panic in my brain. Already? They have been more rapid in their retaliation than I had estimated. I cannot fight them now, I am too weak. I must hide!
     Thankfully, evidence of our arrival is obscured by the thicket and brush. Maybe in the dead of this night we shan't be spotted. I crouch, a pounding heart wrapped in a heaving chest, wrapped within the darkened foliage. I peer out as the beast nears.
     I am shaking with fear, with cold and with shock as the creature's blazing eyes sweep across my hiding place. My God, it is a titan! Huge and growling, the behemoth turns away belching fetid smoke and hissing all the while. This one is not looking for me it seems, but others will come. I must make ready to fight � to stave off these invaders. I must fortify my island against all comers!
     Tarrying, I listen intently but hear naught. Then, aching and bloodied, I emerge from my hole, insect-like, unfolding my battered limbs and standing erect. Clutching my shattered arm, I limp to the fringes of my world and stare out grimly over the slate grey sea that surrounds me. The rain drums a tattoo in the collecting pools at my feet and I muse darkly. A second glaring flash brings me to my senses; it is followed by another. Lord no, I must prepare!
     Labouring now, I stagger back into the apparent safety of the forest perimeter, thrusting aside the thick boughs with my good hand. A protesting branch springs back and clatters into my smarting arm. White fire-spots blossom and crash in front of my eyes and I collapse onto my knees in the clinging mud. I cannot fight. I cannot defend. How can I repel borders with one arm and a whirling mind? My sight smears like a water-colourist's palette and I am cast adrift once more.
     I crawl forwards clutching desperately at leaves and wallowing in the mire seeking some form of purchase with which to cling and rise and blunder on.
     Something yelps and snaps and bolts to my right, pausing and coming about to fix me in its luminous stare. Its hackles rise and it scampers away into the shadow plagued undergrowth. I shout, recoiling and scrabbling in the filth as eager to flee as this disturbed animal. I press my back to a sodden tree forcing myself to think coherently. I blow out hard through my mouth in order to clear my mind and expel the rot from my brain. My breath draws smoky swirls in the freezing air, as I watch it my pulse rate levels and my fear begins to dissipate with it. I compare with the timidity of the nocturnal fox, but now I must relate to his cunning too. Think, think damnit!
     Maybe my universe isn't as closed as I first believed, I rationalise. What if my island is a peninsula? I have not had the chance to explore my new world. How else would my cohabitant have come to be marooned with me? If this is indeed a headland or spit, then I am saved. My enemies would lose me surely in amongst the civilisation of the mainland beyond. I must abscond from my safe haven before they descend upon my like shrieking harpies.
     Scraping the skin from my fingers, I drag myself up against the tree and take to my heels. Somebody shouts! Suddenly they are upon me! I hear screeching and squealing as they close in. flashing lights dazzle me and the dreadful cacophony of their infernal machines deafen me. A figure comes crashing through the bushes towards me, lunging at me and grabbing my shoulder. The lights illuminate his rippling black coarse skin and his high-domed head. I lash out instinctively and break free to fall into a stumbling run.
     Something strikes me hard on the back of the head and I stagger but the pain of my fractured bones keeps me from unconsciousness. There are shouts from all about now as I veer sharply out of the forest and across the lush grass towards the charcoal sea. They are hounding me now, I am terrified.
     A large sable beast cannons into me and I crash to the ground, its yellow teeth bared inches from my face. I feel its hot stinking breath and the hot spray of its foul saliva. I am winded and weakened and the pain in my arm is unrelenting. The snarling monster is hauled back. My hands are fastened behind my back, the splintered bones grinding and I scream in agony, I taste blood in my mouth.
     As the eventual security of oblivion engulfs me, I press my bruised face to the wet tarmac and blow bloody rain bubbles through my nose. I stare wordlessly up into the face of my captor as it melts away into darkness and his words ring in my ears.
     "Richard Barker. I am arresting you for the theft of a motor vehicle and driving whilst under the influence of illicit substances. You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something that you later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be given in evidence�"

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Music courtesy of System of a Down.

© 2008 HoWiE

Author's Note

This was a story I wrote years ago, I found it amongst some old paperwork, dusted it off and re-edited it. Not one of my favourites, but it's okay...

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Ha...for once I had the car thing figured out early on...that never happens with your stuff....I'm always left going oh my!! I liked it though...had your usual flow to it. As always your descriptions of things are dead on....keep it up!!

Carla...the chick....LOL

Posted 16 Years Ago

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Not bad. Very suspenseful, it kept me wondering the whole time who this guy was in combat with and what horrors they had. I never would've figured out that this guy was having a bad trip. He must've eaten a lot of LSD for that whole scenario - damn. Entertaining story, nonetheless, a good read.

Posted 16 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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Plymouth,, Devon, United Kingdom

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