A Poem by Rae

who are pure? who are the w****s? who are the blessed? what is it for?


Part-time W***e—F**k! 

It’s all a bore.

Full-time waiter—S**t! 

That’s no better.


Just put that hundred on the dresser

                Or direct deposit.  Whatever.

                One is as good as the other.


Rather be naked in a bed?

Or wearing a tie instead?


The naked have no say in politics

                But how much does the business noose get

                You with your nine to five antics.


Do the w****s’ votes count?

Probably not in great amount.


Campaign to the w****s and hookers;

Tell that to your public appearance bookers.

There are more out there than you know.

They don’t just suck c**k; they’re shoveling snow,

                Watching stock grow,

                Giving bosses bravos,

                Studying the cosmos,

                Cleaning other’s condos,

                Making copies at Kinko’s,

                Some are wearing halos. 

(But I don’t trust those fellows)


The blue collar w****s are everywhere;

They are slightly more aware

Than the white collar sucker

Who thinks he’s come out luckier.


Dumb Dumb

Street Bum

Single Mum

Office Chum


All their times will come.

There is no rush needed for the big dead-end.

Everyone is living on the time god has lent.


God your father.

God your boss.

God the holy establishment

                To which praying

                Is how most time is spent;

                What’s left, betraying,

                But that won’t affect payment.


Heaven on Earth;

What is that worth?

How many bills

Buys a house in the hills?

                Or a house in the clouds?

                Where honest w****s aren’t allowed.


They may be walking the streets,

Being made love to like meat,

Even with honor’s loss complete,

It’s them St. Peter will greet.


Self deluded to the back of the line!

                You don’t know who you are.  So,

                I wrote up a rhyme

                To tell you where to go:


Like your boss?

                Go to Hell.

Have never lost?

                Go to Hell.

Cut your cost?

                Go to Hell.

Cleanly, respected with teeth flossed?

                Go to Hell.


Are you star-crossed?  Possibly lost?

Society, do you accost?

Felt the burning pain of frost?

Had all your dreams to the dumpster tossed?

                All is well.

                All is well.



© 2009 Rae

Author's Note

If you are offended, don't waste my or your time with a review. The language as a reason. Understand it's meaning.

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Not offended, you did a good job :)

Posted 13 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on August 20, 2009



Fort Wayne, IN

She remembers the exact day she learned she was a poet, but doesn't remember when she forgot she was one. Although, even when her pen was still for five long years, she was a poet. Now she is a poet w.. more..

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