Desire and the Vaccum

Desire and the Vaccum

A Poem by Brett Campaigne

several stone eyes seek solace in solar oceans
            gleaming gold                submerging sun in an inverse dawn
                      Soon indigo will usher the day into an opal beyond
                         Lithic eyes soften to flesh
                        we can see their wet glistening whites
                 flickering to keep from drying up
           holding temporal wells in a quivering metastasis
      gobbling up the movement of presence
   gaping hungry in their poverty of light in the night
                            Nubian figures shatter their daytime crusts
            to wade into the sea to find the sinking sun
         and they will survey the depths
       attracted to deep illuminations
     which upon closer inspection
   emit from stretched plastic skinned
                                      and terrible toothed aliens
                            of the underspace
                          aquatic skullfaced
                                       glowing the sickly fluorescent pale light of demons
                Swimming by like shadows
                                    behind shelthering rocks
       the people of the earth avoid the spotlights of these false suns
          and their rending jaws
       never trusting cold halos again
Arriving at the shore
                     gasping and panting from the long swim and held breaths
          the children of stone emmerge with the sun behind them
            still dripping with fresh dawn
                                       as pink as a newborn baby
                               unaffected by the shock of birth
                      for its body is older than we know
               and its warmth is sure of itself
                         Astonished mouths gape
               as the two wells of their heads facing the sun recoil
            as the sun levitates to noon
               ascending to the hot white negative of those oil black wells
                    that are compelled to stare into it
                Flesh returns to stone
     and the oceans rise up to the heaven the sun occupies
                                 trivializing journeys
          and trials
                  The realm basking in a suntan
                  it hasn't had in a billion revolutions.

© 2010 Brett Campaigne

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Striking piece of work! Bravo!

Posted 10 Years Ago

captivating arrangement~ your poetry is art~ from the spectacular otherworldly imagery to the enigmatic blossoms of interpretative possibilities~ sheer enchantment~

Posted 10 Years Ago

A beautifully composed and even more sublimely structured piece. I wish I could play with structure so easily and with such deftness as you.


Posted 10 Years Ago

Not only is this a a mesmerizing piece of poetry the very format of the poem is art itself. Lovely............

Posted 11 Years Ago

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4 Reviews
Added on June 17, 2010
Last Updated on June 17, 2010


Brett Campaigne
Brett Campaigne

Halifax, Canada

Diffusion When it's crowded in here thats when i like to go outside more..


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