A Story by Imorbid

In the village of Otsjanep deep in the jungle of New Guinea. Two chiefs are locked in a bitter rivalry. Chief Mundi boasts that he holds the greater number of trophies. While Chief Kepanga can no long


After six days. Chief Mundi sends word, agreeing to the terms. As per tradition. The celebration would be in the bride's village on the night of the full moon.


The villagers greet the guests with cheers and flowers as they entered Otsjanep. As customary, a fire is set in the village center. There will be drinking and dancing and music and feast long into the night.

Around the great fire. When the time arrives for honoring the bride and groom with a toast. Chief Mundi instead sees fit to brag once again. And Chief Kepanga says nothing, grinning instead from ear to ear.

Raising his spear above his head, Chief Kepanga signals his warriors to attack. Many of Chief Mundi's men are drunk or asleep. Hundreds of spears and arrows find their mark. In the chaos, Chief Mundi flees.


In the four days that followed. The villagers of Otsjanep had plenty to eat and the chief had all the trophies he could ever want.

Removing his prized trophy from the leather strap around his neck and holding it in the palm of his hand. The chief thought this was the best idea his wife had ever had. And his rivals head wasn't as large now as it once was.

© 2017 Imorbid

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Flash Fiction

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I am a Flash Fiction Fan. The story is complete in its compact form. You have some punctuation issues, but I won't point them out unless you want to know. Too many can distract the reader, especially if they're Grammar Nazis. That said, I'll repeat: the story is compact and complete. Nicely done.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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A Story by Imorbid


A Story by Imorbid