A Godly Vision

A Godly Vision

A Story by Kate

My passions run deep, and for a certain Loki Laufeyson they are undeniable. This is a recount of a vivid dream I had, enjoy.


Soft light filled my closed eyes, burning through my lids and a high pitched but eerie hum reverberated through my ears - like when you run a damp finger around the rim of a crystal glass - I peeled my eyes open and gasped as Loki Laufeyson appeared crouched on my floor, looking up at me warily and raising his hands in surrender, showing he meant no harm. I was frozen, unsure of whether to be scared or excited. The myths, the films. They were all true. All of them. He lowered his hands and I stared open mouthed as he pulled back my bed sheets, removing the bulk of his armour with one hand and grazing over my thighs with the other. He knelt in-between my legs and stared at me;

“I am Loki Laufeyson. I heard you calling my name in your dreams so I had to come and see you. I was hoping I could fulfill your wishes.”

I whimpered and bowed my head;

“My Prince…” he lifted my chin with one finger. “You don’t need to be trivial with me Midgardian. Just obey.”

He moved with sudden swiftness, pulling my night slip off of my body in seconds. I tried to scream but nothing came out, I tried to cover my body with my hands but the God just pinned my wrist above my head and kissed me roughly. I stopped trying to scream and just melted into moaning. I struggled underneath him and the God just laughed;

“This is what you wanted wench…this is what you cried for in your sleep, this is what you begged for - take me Loki, use me, make, me, kneel - if I remember correctly. But do not worry, I will make you kneel.”

He pulled me upright and maneuvered me on the floor. He pushed me down and pulled my chin up.

“See. I told you you would kneel. Now show your God how you will worship him.”

I swallowed and looked at the God’s bulging crotch. I reached out and caressed him through the material and he groaned. His fingers interlaced into my hair. I fumbled with the fixings the kept the material in place, knowing how desperate he was to be touched. I found the release and his erection literally sprung forward. There were roughly around eight inches between him and I and his length nearly touched my nose. I stared wide eyed and the God laughed.

“No mortal has ever taken me all the way. Do you accept the challenge?” 

I stretched my neck, resting my nose against his glistening tip. He breathed out, shaking a little as I breathed in his musky, rich smell. I extended the tip of my tongue, just a fraction of pink flesh. I ran it over his slit, eliciting a moan from the God and the portions of my tongue heightened to such flavours delighted me with the perfect mixture of salt and sweet. I ventured a little further, taking a little more of him with each of the man’s shallow breaths. He growled at me;

“I do not have much time…”

I smile a little, dropping my eyes and taking more of him into my mouth. I gently nudge his foreskin back with my teeth and encircle the head with my mouth. My tongue flicks over the soft flesh, my mouth filled with sticky sweetness. My hand grips the base, my fingers tickled with his curls of rich hair. I take him inch by tender inch, after three or four of rich meat he brushes the back of my throat and I pause. I look up at him, his eyes glowing my favourite shade of erotic blue. My eyes are pleading, I need him to stop. But he doesn’t. He grabs a fistful of my copper hair and impales his erection down my throat. I expect to gag, to cry but all I feel is fullness. Finally after a few tender moments from the God he slides all eight beautiful inches of him straight down my throat till my nose is buried in his pubic hair. He slides me away and picks me up again. Laying me on the bed, stripping of the rest of his clothes. He pins my limbs down with magic. I struggle but I cannot get free. He kisses my lips, pulls my hair and bites my neck. His lips trail kisses down my body, soft, warm and erotic kisses. Every touch brings a moan from me and every other makes me cry out his name. He bites down on the tendons between my neck and my shoulder and I hiss in pain but my body bucks in pleasure. His still leather clad hands find my swollen breasts, the gentle, velvet material teases my skin. My n*****s harden and pucker under his touch and I whimper;

“Please my Prince…give me more…”

He smiles evilly at me, his eyes glowing. “You mewling quim. You ask of more from me!”

He raised his hand and turns me over, raising my milky buttocks into the air. “You do not ask more from the God who merely graces you with his presence.” He lifted his hand and brought it down across my skin, I gasped in pain as the leather gave an extra sting, but it was quickly replaced as he spread my legs and filled my aching hole with his fingers, the number I couldn’t count. I groaned in pleasure as he pounded into me. I arched my back, I’d never felt pleasure like this before, not ever. He pulled out of me and returned to my buttocks. I cried out and writhed, begging for him to set me free. He smiled;

“Your pleas are pleasing to my ears you quim.”

He released the spell that bound me there and he let me free. He laid me down and slunk between my legs. My limbs automatically wrapped around his neck. He raised his hand and I pulled the juice soaked glove from his long fingers. He took two, just two and inserted them into me, curling them upwards and finding that precious bud of nerves buried deep inside me. His tongue flicked over my bud and I lost myself to pleasure. I touched the edge of euphoria as he brought me crashing over the edge. I fell down, my whole body trembling. I opened my eyes again and stared. The God looked at me;

“Pleasure me darling, complete me. Show me the pleasure I gave to you.”

I eagerly got up on my knees and lowered my head. I covered his length in saliva, stroked him up and down, smothered the head with my lips, coaxing the precious climax out of the God. It only took a few moments for him to reach his peak and he spilled his seed down my throat. I moved away when the God finished moaning my name, trembling. I stared up, wide eyed. Words formed on my lips I so desperately wanted to say, but I couldn’t. At that moment, they way he held my cheek, caressed my skin. He left one last kiss on my lips, then left. I closed my eyes as warm light coloured my lids, and when I opened them, he was gone. All that was left of my God was the leather glove. I lay back on my bed, at my crumpled, torn sheets, my ripped nightdress. The purple bruises that decorated my body. I would never forget him. My Loki.

© 2012 Kate

Author's Note

Just something that appeals to my naughty side. I hope you enjoy x

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Very sensual, dark and arousing. A very hot read. Thank you.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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