And She Was Safe

And She Was Safe

A Story by Inkjinx

Down at the swimming hole with no swimming abilities, Annie clings to Andrew the whole time. What happens when a wave washes over her in the deep end?

    The swimming hole was always a great congregation, but also a spot that many picked for dates. Picnic baskets were strewn across the ground on the water's edge, and couples joined hands while dipping toes into the algae-infested pools.
    Her shirt was modestly pulled down over her waist while she wiggled into a more comfortable position in his arms. "I can't even swim," she mumbled, a little embarrassed. He kissed her shoulder and reached over for another red vine, then stuck it into her mouth.
    "Relax. I won't let go of you."
    "What if--"
    "Not for a moment."
    The two of them were soon wading out into the shallow end of the lake, Annie clinging tightly to her swimming knight. Just as he had promised, his arm was hooked around her waist. He pulled her closer to his bare chest and smiled. The water continued to climb up her legs as they trod deeper into the water. She held tighter still.
    "You're safe," Andrew told her firmly. Her knuckles were white. His hand began to cramp.
    "I know," she drawled, but she still held tightly to him. It took a while for her to actually become aware that there were people around them, and didn't until people began jumping in by the deep end. "Andrew." She tugged on his hand nervously.
    "Relax, Ann, it'll be okay." He kissed the back of her hand, then walked them out a little deeper until the water came up to her chest. She pulled her shirt down again to keep it from floating up, and a permanent blush brought more color to her flushed face.
    "No, Andrew--"
    "What is it?"
    "Cannon ball!" A rather large group of people were swinging into the water all at once, creating a wave to sweep over the whole lake. Water rushed up over them, and Annie panicked. Water flew up her nose and into her mouth as she struggled. Andrew quickly tugged her close to him and began paddling back to the surface of the water.
    When the finally breached the surface, Annie coughed and choked up water for a little while. "Honey, I'm so sorry," Andrew told her, pulling her up onto the surface. He sat and held her in his lap, scared to death she was angry. Her eyes were watering and red, she kept sniffling, and her body trembled. "Annie, please, I'm sorry." He squeezed her hand tight, then noticed something different. There was a smile on her face.
    "You never let go."
    He smiled back. "Not for one moment."

© 2010 Inkjinx

Author's Note

Ahh, flash fiction. Yeah, I know it's in the indented format... but I think it's short enough you'll get over it.
I know there's not a ton of plot development, and there's just not a ton of plot... I just wanted a cute little piece of flash. It's been a little while since I've posted something, and my mind's on romance at the moment. Can you believe I just wrote something only 425 words long? Jeez.

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Added on June 27, 2010
Last Updated on June 27, 2010
Tags: swimming hole, Annie, Andrew, safety



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