I have Changed

I have Changed

A Poem by Innocence Wasted

Lurking at the edge of my mind

Where only the wildest of my terrors dare to roam

Slender shadows, their essence only death and pain

Blindly wandering the fiery pits of hell


These shadows, they overcome my dreams

Veiling the sweetest of sleeps with thoughts of suffering

With thoughts of torment of the most gruesome death of the mind

Their icy talons made of nightmares prying apart my sanity


Their cries of sadistic delight, watching with glee my pain

They tear my very mind apart

Until my sanity has fled the clutches of the black creatures

No longer to be tormented in a cage of senseless agony


No longer I am myself

A slave to their will, I reluctantly follow their cries to the inferno of hell

The source of my malady, they shriek with sick pleasure at what I have become

A slim shadow of my former self.


One of them.

© 2010 Innocence Wasted

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Added on December 6, 2010
Last Updated on December 7, 2010
Tags: darkness, dark, hell, shadow, terror, pain, goth


Innocence Wasted
Innocence Wasted


Hey, there's not much to me that I want to share. We'll just say my name is Ophelia (I love that character). I live here in East Jesus Nowhere. Unfortuneatly, there isn't much to do where I'm stuck.. more..