Where Does Our Faith In God Lie...?

Where Does Our Faith In God Lie...?

A Poem by InspiredHope

Engaged in the hopes of understanding the transitions of past, present and future…


The journey of an individual begins with one step forward and one hand in the past

For us to move forward, we need to understand who we are and 'whose we are'

Walking through 'life' without a course or purpose is not an option �" it is a choice


To journey beyond ourselves we need to see 'life' through God's set-of-lenses

Understand the principles of Jesus' walk and teachings 'between lines of scripture'

To truly give of ourselves for the sake of others, we only need to listen


Our 'stories' are the most powerful tool we have to make-a-difference and speak of Jesus' life

Inspiration of change and hope of life intertwine our voices with faith

We each have the capacity to honour and breathe 'new life' into our faith


How much are we truly willing to sacrifice for another...?

Selfishness, Boasting, Flaunting and Judging... words lived commonly in our daily lives

Integrity, Guidance, Compassion and Humbleness... attributes we should be teaching our children


When asked or questioning yourself, do not look elsewhere but within

For the answer lies in you... Jesus is alive in all of us

We need only to tear down the 'curtains of darkness'

To open our eyes and hearts to the majesty of Jesus' grace upon us

© 2011 InspiredHope

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This write has truly got me considering the things I've done in my life, the regrets i have. For some of us, it's hard to understand who we are and get passed the many mistakes we've made in the past.

But- this poem shows that it's not impossible.
"We each have the capacity to honour and breathe 'new life' into our faith"

I actually started writing a new poem why we tend to linger in the past and what not. Though it won't be as well written and inspiring as this was :p
Thank you for sharing this! I greatly enjoyed reading it :)

Posted 12 Years Ago


Wow! Your writing shall truly become an inspiration for all to bask.

The very first line of your work here (first stanza) is that of stature - abundance of understanding, intertwined with elaborate thoughts of change. {With Him guiding your hand}

Words of Wisdom echo though your words... time tracing steps to Jesus. Then circling back to the day and age of now. We must open ourselves up to the one true majesty {Jesus}.

It seems 'knowing who you are' and 'where our Faith in God lies' are intertwined within your words. The kinship is obvious, Jesus is our Brother and God is our Father...

This is a perfect example of how your Faith has grown during the years and how your path has been enlightend on our journey back to Him.

Great Write, Powerful Words,


Posted 12 Years Ago

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