Dr. Redsmith's Living dream

Dr. Redsmith's Living dream

A Story by Install88

I am big into steampunk, this is my attempt at the begining of my own steampunk inspired tale.


Dr. Cole redsmith. Lovely ring to it sounds proper. Granted the addition of his “dr.” title could be a questionable action given his unsavory acquisition of it. His studies in the field of inanimate to biological sciences bordered upon insanity. The collegiate foundations to which he attended felt he was too unstable in his faculties to continue his studies there.

Upon recognition of this fact he refused to comply with their reasoning’s. In an attempt to come to a final resolution with him the foundation decided it would be best to allow him early graduation. Thus the deciding factor behind his official title.

His obsession with bringing inanimate objects to life began at a young age. His toys always fascinated him. His curiosity at how they worked compelled him to dismantle his favorite toys and closely examine all the springs, shafts, and cogs that made up its innards. With all his newfound knowledge he ultimately concluded that he still knew shite about how life worked. He then assumed that he was in fact looking in the wrong place, and dove head first into books. His research took him to vast places. To Dr. Frankenstein’s lab where he sat idly jotting notes while victor von Frankenstein awoke his monster. To the tree under which rip van winkle slept, observing the human aging process up close and personal.

His first attempt at creating a life where previously there was none, came at the young age of 12. Cole was a bright child, due to having a book in his face since birth, but he lacked certain social skills, skills which in fact can be compared to that of a slug’s skill when it comes to mating with an ostrich. He had decided his first victim would be one of his mothers prized porcelain figures she kept on a shelf in the grand hall for all the worlds to wonder and gawk at. He had crudely fastened copper coils to the head, which in turn were attached to a makeshift generator. At the end of this experiment the doll itself was a burnt ember. He then ultimately concluded (pardon my French) that he fucked up.

© 2013 Install88

Author's Note

It is still unfinsished, so i apologies for how brief it is.

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It actually reads as a very intriguing prologue to something greater.. What has this man done? How badly did he botch each new experiment over time? Did he eventually achieve complete success?

I do hope you add more as this was a great read. :)

Posted 10 Years Ago


10 Years Ago

thank you. it is a experiment, a small dabble in something new for me, so im glad you liked it, it g.. read more

10 Years Ago

I did indeed like it and you are very welcome. :)

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Added on May 31, 2013
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