The Three Friends

The Three Friends

A Story by Puni

The Three Friends is about a dog, a wolf, and a rattlesnake. They try to save the wolf from the evil dragon who captured him. Will they be able to save him?


The Three Friends

Good to Bad



Far on this one island lurk many things. Volcanoes, 10 foot tall trees, paths leading to no where, absolutely no humans, it’s practically a big forest with a huge volcano in the middle. They call this island: Nephanie. No one really knows what it’s called, that’s just what animals have always called it. They think it’s the only place in the world, while the rest is ocean.

Living in this forest is a dog named Spote. He has a bushy dog beard, pretty small, white with a big black spot on the back, and a touch of brown. His best friend is a wolf named Blode. He’s pretty much just a gray wolf, but his tail curls a little at the end. The 2 friends encountered Raddle later, a rattlesnake. He’s a pale color with black and orange diamonds covering his back.

They all had lost their families when they were babies. So when they found each other, at about age 20 in dog years, they decided to call each other brothers. Or, The Three Friends.

The brothers live in a spot of the forest where there’s only trees surrounding it. It carries a huge rock on the left, and 3 smaller rocks to sit on near the other side. And usually, they have a fire going in the middle.




“Ah, beautiful night. I’m going to take a walk.” Blode said.

“But it’s so late? Are you sure?” Spote wondered.

“I’m nocturnal, remember?”

“OK, just don’t get lost like you always do.” Raddle chuckled.




Blode walked with the leaves crackling under his feet, and the moonlit sky shining all the stars.

He heard some flapping sounds, almost like wings.

        “Who’s there?!” Blode nervously said, while looking around.

        A brown dragon with shimmering wings, on 2 legs, and slightly bigger than Blode landed right in front of him! At that moment, he instantly grabbed Blode!

        “Wha!” That’s all Blode could say before the terrifying dragon snatched him.

        All the excitement knocked out Blode. When he woke up soon after that, he realized he was flying! The dragon held Blode in his hand; he looked down, and saw the volcano as they were nearing it. They traveled into it!

Blode tried not to scream so the dragon would think he’s still knocked out. The top of the volcano was very skinny, and they made it to the bottom very quickly. But there was no lava for some mysterious reason, just a little moat around the edges.

The dragon grabbed Blode’s limbs and tied them to chains, and the ends of the chains were attached to the side of the mountain.

“Who are you? What happened?!” Blode shouted.

        “Don’t worry.” The brown dragon smirked. “I’m Scorch, and this is Dragone.” Dragone was a red dragon, with not so shimmering wings, and was about the same size as Scorch. It looked like to Blode that Dragone was, kind of like the assistant for Scorch.

        “Get it.” Scorch commanded.

        “Uhh... OK.” Dragone answered as if he felt a little skeptical if he wanted to do it. But as he was walking to get the item, he felt more confident.

        Blode was trying to see what he was getting. He saw him go into a room, but he couldn’t see what was inside of the room. Then he came out with some sort of elixir that looked like a mixture of purple and blue. He handed it to Scorch.

        “This potion will make you have a curse, a curse that will make you evil forever. It also makes you crave for blood. That is, only if you drink every last drop.”

        Scorch was trying to pour the potion down Blode’s throat, while he was wiggling around agonizing not to drink it. Finally, Scorch got it down his throat. Dragone put the empty potion away. No one knew, but there were still a couple of drops left in the bottle.





        “Hey Raddle.” Spote started, “Blode hasn’t come back yet, and he left yesterday. Do you think he’s OK?”

        “I don’t know, but we should look for him.” Raddle said.


        They started walking, and slithering, on the trail Blode started on.

        “Do you think he got captured or something?” Raddle asked.

        “I… don’t know…” Spote’s eyes got drowsy and he started to walk towards the volcano.

        “Spote? Spote!” Raddle shook his Rattle in front of his eyes. “You OK?”

        “Uh. Yeah. Fine. Let’s go to the volcano, I guess.” Spote said unsure.

        “Umm OK.” Raddle agreed, also unsure.




“Scorch, look.” Dragone showed Scorch a mirror of Spote and Raddle on foot; “I have a feeling they’re going to try to save Blode.”

        “I have no time to kill, but no worries. I’ll send someone to do that for me.” Scorch evilly said.

        “Oh, and uh, Blode is struggling to get out. Since he’s evil like us, should we let him out of his chains?” Dragone wondered.

        “Yes.” Scorch breathed blackened fire on the chains so they started melting.




        “I’m so bored…” Raddle moaned.

        “Oh come on, we’re going to a volcano! And who knows, maybe we’ll see an alligator or something.” Spote chuckled. They made it to an open area, with just a few rocks.

“AAAHHH!” They yelled, because a giant alligator with guns and weapons attached all over his body jumped right in front of them! He was about 4x the size of Spote and Raddle!

“Ready to fight?” the big alligator asked sarcastically.

“I don’t think so!” Spote nervously said.

The alligator shot missiles, rockets, and bullets at them. Raddle slithered around dodging. While Raddle distracted him, Spote ran under and scratched the alligator’s stomach repeatedly. Then Raddle came up and bit his nose as hard as he could. But he forgot to use his rattlesnake venom. He was getting weaker.

“Heh, you’re pretty tough. I’d be heading off.” The alligator said, and then he started walking way far away.

But suddenly, he turned around and breathed fire at them! The force of the fire pushed them back and slammed them into a tree.

        “I’m just getting warmed up!” the alligator said.

        “Spote.” Raddle weakly started.

        “Yeah Raddle.”

        “I have one question.”

        “What’s that.”

        “How did he breathe fire?” The alligator took a greater deep breath.

“I don’t know. Aha!” Spote grabbed a brawny branch off of the tree. He started sharpening it with his teeth and claws.

The alligator breathed fire a second time! But this time it was stronger than the first one! He was far away so it took a while before it came close to Spote and Raddle.

“Hurry up whatever you’re doing Spote!” The fire got closer and closer by the second.

“I’m going as fast as I can!” Spote nervously said.

“I can feel the heat of the fire! It might kill us!” Raddle shouted.

“I think this is good.”

“What’s good?!” Raddle shrieked.

Spote threw the sharpened, brawny branch at the alligator’s chest. It went through his entire body, there was blood surrounding him, wide eyes open. He fell down on his knees and did not get up. And the fire just disappeared.

“Umm… I guess we should just move on.” Spote informed.




“I’m bored! There’s nothing to do!” Blode angrily said.

        “Relax. I’m sure something interesting will happen. Maybe your little friends will come along.” Dragone said.


        “Yeah… we kind of kidnapped you from your friends and turned you evil. You must have had amnesia or something. ” Dragone had said to much.

Blode looked confused then started walking in a circle with boredom.




Spote and Raddle were calmly walking through the forest on a path, but the trees opened up at the top.

Spote yawned, “Maybe we should take a break. Or even go to bed.”

“Yeah, you know I’ll always be up for sleep.”

They curled up next to each other and stayed in the middle of the path, falling asleep in just a few seconds.

The next morning they both woke up at about the same time, both stretching.


A couple minutes later…


 “Spote. Spote! What is that?!” Raddle yelled. A flying red object came hurling at them! But the object was a red dragon, Dragone actually. He landed in front of them.

“Hello,” the dragon started, “I’m here to help.”

“Who are you?” Raddle asked, a bit scared.

        “My name is Dragone.” He answered, “I can help you get your friend back. Blode’s his name right?”

        “Yes…” Spote answered, kind of confused.  Dragone flew extra high into the sky. He flew back down and shoved Spote and Raddle into the ground! They weren’t hurt, just confused. They were in a place they have never seen before. They were falling in this empty world.

        There was purple lines surrounding the blank background, and the sound of clocks, ticking. The clock sound got louder the more they were thrown down.    Suddenly, they finished falling and landed into a grandfather clock’s face, and when they fell through it, it shattered into hundreds of pieces. They landed with a pound right in front of Dragone, who had a half smile on his face.

        “Well that uncommonly prejudiced my bone structure.” Spote intelligently said.

        “Spote, what are you saying? It’s like you turned into a smart scientist!” Raddle asked.

        “I see. You have been given the power of intelligence.” Dragone said.

        “What about me?” Raddle asked.

        “You get your power based on your personality. But I don’t know your personality so I don’t have any idea what your power could be.” He said.

Raddle was disheartened, and Dragone looked embarrassed because he couldn’t tell him what his power was.

“Well,” Dragone started, “I can tell you this, you will figure out your power when you’re at the most danger. I promise.” He flew away towards the volcano. But Spote and Raddle didn’t notice that he went into that direction.

        “Well Raddle, can you take wing? Is your toxin stronger? Can you grow limbs? Can you turn into another organism?” Spote asked Raddle.

        Raddle tried all of those things; he tried to fly, but just fell. It didn’t feel like his toxin was more valuable. He tried to grow arms and legs, but got a cramp. And he couldn’t turn into something else.

        “I guess I’ll have to wait until I’m in danger…” Raddle was disappointed. He didn’t want to be in danger at all! He was scared to death when he realized he might be in peril just to see what his power was. They continued towards the volcano.




“Grrr… I want to fight! Or at least do something…” Blode shouted.

“I know some people are coming here right now for you.” Dragone told Blode.

“People. What do they want with me?”

“Uhh… never mind.”

“What people…” Scorch overheard their conversation.

The two dragons walked somewhere where Blode couldn’t hear them.

        “What people, I thought that alligator took care of them.”

        “Umm. No sir. They kind of killed him.”

        “What?! But that alligator is the best killer I could find! Those are some strong animals…” Scorch said provoked. “I’ll just wait. Once they fall into this volcano, I’ll murder them myself.” Scorch said angrily and stomped into his private chamber.

        “OK that’s it. I’m gonna to explore.” Blode jumped and climbed his way out of the volcano.

        He was wandering through the forest looking for meat. But he was mostly looking for the blood inside of the meat. He dashed through the forest looking around.
        But he saw something else that caught his eye. He saw Spote and Raddle eating some fruit and taking a break. He started to remember them.

        He remembered everything they did together. Like when Spote and him saved Raddle from a grizzly bear. And when he drowned but Spote and Raddle saved him. He suddenly didn’t feel hungry anymore. He overheard them talking about Dragone and how he’s a very nice dragon.

        Blode quickly ran back to the volcano unobserved.




“I’m gonna search for water.” Raddle informed. As he slithered, he saw Blode’s footsteps. He didn’t see the steps go very far, but he just knew it was Blode’s. Raddle didn’t look for water anymore; he went straight to Spote.

        “Uhh… Spote, look over there. There’s wolf footprints. Do you think those are Blode’s?”

        “Yes. The probability of finding wolves imprints in this classification of forest is unlikely. It has to be Blode’s. In addition to, the tracks are heading towards the rise. That must mean he’s definitely in there.” Spote answered.

        “Ok… I think I understood what that meant. Well let’s get a move on.”




Blode entered the volcano.

        He started to talk to Dragone, who was leaning against the wall; “I saw Spote and Raddle. I heard them say your not evil.”

        “So you know…” Dragone was speechless.

        “Don’t worry, I won’t tell Scorch.” Blode walked away. “Weird, I’m not feeling to evil right now… like. I want to help my, so called friends.” Blode just walked around and he looked like he was thinking really hard.

        “I should’ve never sat on that throne…” Dragone whispered to himself.




“Wow, that sure is a tall volcano!” Raddle noticed. They were already at the bottom of it! “I’m still a little nervous…”

“Come on, let’s start mounting this peak.” Spote informed as he started to climb it.

        “How do I climb it? I’m a snake, and this volcano is very steep. I can’t just slither up it!” Raddle exclaimed.

        “Hmm… I got it! Close your eyes.” Spote got Raddle’s rattle and tied it around his tail. Slowly and struggling, Spote climbed the mountain while Raddle’s face was slamming against the towering volcano. Raddle wasn’t planning of anything like this to get up the alp.

        “This doesn’t seem like a very good idea… oh well. You’re the smart one.” Raddle shrugged.

Since Spote was the one working, Raddle, somehow, fell asleep even though his head was jerking against the mountain. Spote couldn’t take it any more. He wasn’t even a quarter of the way there. He was so weary that he just fell down the to the bottom of the volcano, and needed to think of a better and easier idea.

He was only tired because the mountain was steep, not because it was too high up.

        Raddle woke up in shock.

        “Spote, are you OK?” He asked. Spote looked exhausted. Even thought he didn’t climb very high up the mountain.

        “I need an effortless plan.” He said.

        “Well, what are you going to do?”

        “I’ve always desired to do this ever since I acquired my intelligence. I shall create my personal laboratory.” Spote said.

        “La-la-laboratory…” Raddle choked. “You mean the kind of lab where you make potions and there’s all of those machines and stuff?”

        “Indeed. It will be the foremost laboratory ever invented! I shall create some sort of flying machine and we shall sweep up this towering mountain! I’d better get started…” Spote walked away gathering some tools. He was going to build it inside the big rock.

        They walked back to their home, which didn’t take as long compared to when they came here. Spote immediately started by cutting a hole in the rock, which was surprisingly hollow.


3 days later…


        “Spote, you’ve been in there for days. When will you come out! I can hardly get any sleep with all that buzzing and jerking sounds in there!” Raddle complained.

“Hahaha! It’s complete!” Spote yelled quickly in the new lab. “Come on in!”

Raddle slithered inside. It was 20 times bigger inside than outside!

“What do you think?” Spote asked with a smirk.

“It’s… amazing!” Raddle answered awestruck. There was at least 20 colorful potions scattered across the wall. Tons of flashing, beeping lights, mechanical equipment, many screens, everything made of pure metal. It was a laboratory all right, but more then you could imagine.

“Oh, and this thing here. Don’t touch it. Trust me, it’s better that way.” Spote said with a serious face, gently petting an orange with a mixture of black colored potion.

Raddle nodded.

“Now, I’ve made some blue prints for my flying machine.”

He showed Raddle the blue prints. Raddle couldn’t exactly make out what it looked like. But to him, it looked like a glider.

“Want to help me make it Raddle?”

“Umm… sure.” He said.

“Hmmm… aha. Put your tail on this.” Spote commanded. Raddle did so. It was a table that looked kind of technical. The table scanned his tail.

Spote mixed two potions and pulled some sticks that looked like bamboo out of a machine (which looked almost looked like an oven) while Raddle looked at the blueprints seeing if the glider looked OK.

Spote connected the sticks and puts some leaves that Raddle got to put on it. Spote put a potion in a container that heated it up. It soon spread out and got floppy like a tarp.

The sticks made the outline of the glider, but Spote had to put the tarp like thing over it to make it glide. So he and Raddle helped to pull it over. They tied it to the bamboo sticks and the glider was done.

“Haha! Should we use it now?” Raddle asked.

“Well, first we have to find a really tall tree, about the height of the volcano.” Spote answered.

Raddle walked outside, but Spote sneakily grabbed the orange and black potion, then walked out with him.

“I found a pretty tall tree.” Raddle said while looking at it. The tree was a pine tree.

        “Perfect.” Spote agreed. “Let’s go!”

        They dragged the glider with them. Surprisingly, it was very light, and it somehow fit out of the door, but the tree was far.

        They got into the deep part of the forest, which had many quiet bug noises.

        “Hm? Did you hear that?” Raddle asked. He heard something in the bushes behind them.

        “I think so.” Spote answered. They slowly paced towards the bush with caution, and leaving their glider behind them. They peeked inside the branch-covered bush; it was just darkness, and a little glimmer of light.

        As soon as they turned around, thinking it was their imagination that made them hear the sound; they saw the same alligator that was covered with guns! Except, he didn’t have his guns this time. And not just that, he was decked down in armor!

        “You thought I was dead, didn’t ya?” The alligator said with a grin.

        Raddle was both terrified, and thinking about this problem. He thought that maybe this was his chance to get his mysterious power. But he was more terrified; Raddle stood there, not thinking to act.

        Spote on the other hand looked at his orange and black potion, and put it behind him, ready to fight once again.

        “Why are you assaulting us?!” Spote yelled at the alligator, clenching his fist.

        “You don’t know? The evil Scorch sent me.” The alligator answered with a sssmirk.

        “Who’s Scorch?” Raddle asked him.

        “You fools know nothing. He lives in that volcano. Why am I even telling you? You’re gonna die soon anyway.” He said, getting ready with his sharp, spiked claws.

        “We’re not gonna die! Raddle, this time he doesn’t have any rockets or guns. But he still has his armor, claws, and fire. Be careful! You take defense, I’ll take offense.” Spote said to Raddle.

        Raddle didn’t understand what offense meant, and he didn’t know that defense could be used like that. He wasn’t very sporty, but he thought all he had to do was distract the alligator.

        Raddle ran around the alligator, not knowing what to do, while Spote was, again, sharpening big branches. “Raddle! Take down his armor!” He shouted.

        Raddle, somehow with his snake like body, jumped on the alligator’s back and chewed his armor with his fangs, still not knowing what to do. He wasn’t getting anywhere though, just a few scratches on the paint.

        The alligator realized what they were doing. So he shook off Raddle, who hit the floor knocking the wind out of him with a thump, and ran towards Spote with his hand back ready to snatch him. But Spote was concentrating on the stick being perfectly pointy.

        The alligator grabbed him by the throat. Held him there for a few seconds, and threw him at a solid tree with full force, causing him to faint.

        The alligator turned around looking eye to eye at Raddle. Raddle tried to get around him to see Spote, but he already jumped on top of him, putting his hands on his chest. Raddle knew it was the end, because the alligator was breathing in which meant he was going to breathe fire.

        But, the alligator wouldn’t stop breathing in! Raddle felt the alligator’s pulse from its hand that was on his chest. It did one beat every 4 seconds! Raddle was confused. Everything seemed to be in slow motion except for him. He would’ve expected that he would be dead by now. But since he wasn’t, he bit the alligator’s hand, hard. And that time he used poison that went through his large fangs into the alligator’s blood stream.

        After that, everything was in normal motion. The alligator breathed out air, not the fire. And he fell down next to a tree.

        Spote woke up, feeling nauseous.

        The alligator was breathing hard. “This is the end for me. I’ll speak as much as I can. Scorch… take him down…” He paused. “He’s very evil. Be… careful.” He coughed a little, then spoke no more and turned a slight purple.

        “Raddle! You did it! Great job…” Spote said weakly.

        Raddle never killed anyone, he felt awful. But also a slight good. He put Spote on his back, while he dragged the glider.

        As they were traveling more through the forest, leaving the dead alligator behind, Raddle spoke, “Spote, while I was fighting him. Well actually, he had me pinned to the ground; everything was all slow like, his heartbeat, his breathing, the wind, but not me. I was just normal. Then I had the chance to bite his hand and poison him. Do you know what that could’ve been?”

        “I don’t know. Wait! I got it! Remember Dragone? He said that you get your power when you’re at most danger! So, I think that your power is to make everything slow motion.” Spote said happily.

        “You’re probably right! But, one problem, how do it?”

        “Just think it.”

        “OK…” Raddle closed his eyes, but still continued walking. He thought about it, and he opened his eyes. He looked at Spote, who blinked very slowly. Then Spote blinked at the normal speed. “I think I did it! Yes…” Raddle thought, proud of himself.

        “Good job.” Spote said, still happy. Spote was always happy about anything.




        “Mmm…” Blode was lying down inside the volcano with his head down. He was confused, was he supposed to help his friends? Or Scorch and Dragone? He had to think soon, because they were coming for him. “Urgh…” Blode mumbled.

        He jumped out of the volcano, while the daylight turned to darkness. Only the moon and the stars lit. He pounced at a raccoon and bit it with his bloody teeth, sucking every last drop of blood out of the raccoon like a vampire. It turned white and gray. Blood through the raccoon traveled inside of Blode’s body. He felt great, as if blood gave him power.

        But he started crying, not knowing what to do. Was he evil? Did he drink the entire potion to make him pure evil?         He thought all he could do was wait for the correct moment to strike.




        “Haha! Success! We’ve made it to the tree!” Spote said, back on his feet again.

        “But how do we climb it? I’m a sna" you’re gonna tie me to your tail again aren’t you?”

        “Yes I am.” Spote started to tie Raddle to his tail, while Raddle bit onto the glider in his grasp.

        Spote started to climb the tree with tons of weight. Sweat drizzled down his chin and fur. The tree was so tall! At least 25 feet.

        “Uhh… Spote? We’ve got company!” Raddle yelled at him.

        “What now?” Spote turned his head facing down the tree, termites. Climbing up the tree ignoring the bark, and heading towards the glider. There was about 50 of them!

        “Spote, climb quick!” Raddle shouted at the top of his lungs.

        Spote climbed faster and faster and faster. But the termites were quicker. He towered so fast that he managed to get to the top of the pine tree already!

        “I have to get this stupid contraption into place, right there, move this and done! Set forward!” Spote murmured to himself.

        “Go!!” Raddle yelled.

        Spote set off.

        “We’re flying! We’re flying! And animals say that snakes and dogs can’t fly.” Raddle said excited. “Uhh… we’re crashing! We’re crashing!”

        “Brace yourselves!” Spote said as if he had no idea what he was doing.

        They we’re starting to crash right inside the volcano! They hit the skinny walls as they we’re falling. The glider was getting beat up and destroyed. Finally, they fell in, one after another. Spote, then Raddle on top of him, then the glider behind them. Spote untied Raddle from his tail.

        “Wow. This place sure is weird. Hm?” Raddle noticed Dragone, with his teeth almost chattering, he was practically hiding behind a wall, and Scorch, who was just standing there.

        “Who are you?!” Spote yelled at Scorch, but half-looked at Dragone.

        “Heheheh. I knew you fools would show up.” Scorch walked towards Spote and Raddle with a smirk.

        “Grrr… what did you do with Blode?! I know you have him!” Spote yelled again, this time clenching his fist.

        “Hm. Blode, is now evil, on our side. Right now he’s taking a little walk. You can’t change him no matter what. No matter how strong you are, though I don’t know how defeated Spike, the alligator.” Scorch said.

        “What? Evil? Spike, the alligator… ah! He’s the one that tried to kill us!” Spote said a little shocked.

        “Yes. And he wasn’t all bad, just a little mean inside. Which was enough to let me turn him pure evil. That’s also what I did to Blode.” Scorch spoke.

        “You made us murder an innocent creature? You-- you demon!!” Spote said getting teary eyed.

        “I take that as a compliment. Now, its time for you to get murdered yourselves! You shall not do anything to steal Blode away from me!” Scorch shouted, rising up into the air. He breathed in, ready to let fire come out.

        But suddenly, Blode jumped from the top of the volcano and bit Scorch on the neck! Which caused it to bleed, but Scorch threw him off onto the ground.

        “What are you doing?! Fool!” Scorch yelled at him, “You’re supposed to be evil, like me.”

        Scorch put his hand down facing Blode. He was getting blue electricity through him and had no control over his body.

        “Guh. Eh. AAAH!” Blode yelled through the mountain.

        Scorch was slowly clenching his fist, as he was doing it, Blode’s pain got worse. Finally, he let go. Blode fell weakly.

        “Blode!” Spote and Raddle yelled as they ran up to him. “Are you OK? Speak to me!” Spote said, shaking his body.

        His blue eyes were opening, but they were not blue. They were pure, glowing red.

        “Blode?” Raddle said behind Spote.

        “He’s under my control now. Kill them!” Scorch roared to Blode, while pointing at Spote and Raddle.

        Blode jumped out over Spote and Raddle and turned behind them, ready to fight.

        “Spote, I don’t want to kill Blode! And I don’t want to get killed either!” Raddle told Spote quickly.

        Spote paused for a moment. “We have no choice. Just battle for now, I’ll think of something later. Meaning, as soon as I can.”

        Blode jumped at Spote, and they rolled around scratching and biting. What was Raddle to do? All he ever did was sleep and eat. He wasn’t smart, or tough. But he did have an idea. He was going to see if he could take down Scorch. Maybe that would bring Blode back to normal. Or at least not as evil as he is now.

        “Ergh. At least I brought this!” Spote smashed (while they were still rolling and fighting) a blue and red potion in Blode’s face.

        “Ow! What is this, pepper spray?!” Blode said, as he stopped biting and started rubbing his eyes.

        Raddle on the other hand, bent down in an interesting position and leaped right up on Scorch’s left leg!

        “Hey, what?!” Scorch angrily said.

        Raddle slithered up and around him until he peaked at his neck.

        “Gaaaaaahh!” Scorch yelled, as he was getting pulled down from the weight and uncontrollability.

        Spote gasped, “Raddle!” He ran towards Scorch and jumped at him, along with Blode, who didn’t have pain in his eyes anymore.

        They all got thrown out of the mountain rolling and tumbling. But Dragone stayed in, not knowing what to do. “Oh Scorch, why would you destroy Dessra?” He whispered to himself.

        They made it down, but found themselves slamming into large tree!

        “Oof!” They said, but it was mostly Scorch who hit the tree.

        “Hm. I’ll show you my true power!” Scorch shouted, ascending into the air.

        He put his hand out, and controlled Spote and Raddle! He hurled them each into separate trees.

        “Uhn… Raddle, c’mon! We’ve got to run!” They turned from the trees and continued. Blode following behind, and vaulted in between the 2 trees and over a log, not stopping his astonishing speed.

        “He’s right behind us!” Spote yelled.

        “And so is Scorch!” Raddle added.

        They found themselves running out of the forest and onto a wide path, with trees surrounding the boarder.

        Scorch had emerged from the darkness behind Blode. He had his hand behind his head, holding a purple ball. But all the purple just looked like it was possessed with darkness. Same with Blode’s steps, every step he took, purple darkness flew out.

        “What to do, what to do. Aha! Raddle, go to slow motion! Then grab me and ru--” To late. Spote was hit by the purple ball of darkness, and got left behind.

        Raddle gasped and slowed himself down, then grabbed Spote, put him on his back and continued forward, just missing Blode’s jump at him. Spote was glowing purple.

        But suddenly, Scorch breathed fire at them! Raddle juked out of the way and into the trees next to him.

        Raddle managed to find a safe spot for now, behind a huge rock. He turned Spote so that he was lying on his back.

        “No, no, you can’t be dead!” Raddle put his head next to his chest; he heard no heartbeat or breathing. He started crying, his best friend dead? His other best friend now pure evil? What was he going to do?

        Raddle put his head down and closed his eyes, “I’ve known you for over half my life, it can’t be over now!” He looked up fast, right there was Scorch, standing behind Spote, and in front of Raddle.

        “It’s a pity that Fiya can’t come and watch you burn up.”

        “Huh? Who?” Raddle asked, slowly backing up. Tears still in his eyes.

        “I forgot, you don’t even know. Well then, prepare to burn.” Scorch said, breathing in with his stainless smirk.

        Raddle was so confused, he thought everything Scorch was saying must be a lie. He also remembered that he could go into slow motion, and that’s exactly what he did.        Blode found Raddle and Scorch and he jumped up to them. Well as much as he could, everything was in slow motion by now.

        Raddle knew he was supposed to do something, but what? Poison surely couldn’t defeat Scorch’s evil powers.         So he decided to grab Spote, put him on his back, and run, run as far away as he could. Even though Spote was dead, he thought that maybe he could do something with him.

        The slow motion wore off and Blode jumped at nothing, while Scorch almost breathed fire at Blode. But he jumped out of the way in time.

        “Grr… where’s that snake?!” Blode said, looking around.




        “Oh… I can’t just stay in here! I must help defeat Scorch, my brother.” Dragone moaned as he flew out of the top of the volcano, head on.




        “Come on, they’re over here.” Scorch flew above the trees and chased after Spote and Raddle.

        Blode had a smirk and followed Scorch on foot.

        When Scorch reached up to Raddle, he stopped and so did Raddle. Scorch again, breathed fire at him. But it somehow redirected and went back at Scorch! He dodged it and tried to breathe fire again, but it had redirected once more.

        “What’s going on?!” Scorch said, clenching his teeth.

        “It’s me. Dragone.” He was floating right next to Scorch, about 15 yards away.

        “What are you playing this time?” Scorch said as if this was all a big joke.

        “I’m not playing, stop being so evil!” Dragone yelled as he flung his arms in the air and they shot fire at Scorch!

        “Urgh!” Scorch muttered as he got struck in the stomach and fell into the low and covered forest. He mumbled, “Why are you doing this?”

        “I was only helping you because of a curse, it slowly wore off. I’m not evil, and I will help Spote, Raddle, and even Blode overpower you!” Dragone said while he was landing onto his feet near Scorch.

        Dragone was just staring at his brother, but pointed his finger at Blode. Streams of golden light flew out and circled around him. They traveled into his body. Blode fell as if he just died. The light would make Blode not evil anymore, and turn his eyes back to blue.

        “Blode!” Spote shouted and ran to him, “are you OK?”

        “Uhn… hm? Spote…” Blode mumbled and smiled, while Spote smiled too.

        He got up on his feet and faced Scorch with an angry face, with Spote and Raddle by his side.

        “Guys, force Scorch to the top of the volcano, I have a plan.” Spote informed.

        Scorch got up, “Ah, traitors and fools, joining up against me. This’ll be fun.”

        Blode jumped at Scorch and tried to scratch his eyes, but missed, while he flew into the air above the trees. Spote stepped onto Blode’s head and jumped off and grabbed Scorch’s leg.

        But Scorch breathed fire on him and he launched onto the forest floor!

        “Oof…” Spote murmured.

        “Spote!” Raddle yelled.

        “I’ll be fine, go fight!”

        Raddle didn’t really know what to do. He was just a snake. But he remembered what Spote did to climb a tree with Raddle.

        “Blode! Get over here!” Raddle shouted.

        “What? Why?” Blode replied.

        Raddle knew Blode must’ve had some evil still with him. He would never snap even like that.

        “I need your help, to get Scorch to the volcano.” Raddle said.

        “Ugh, fine.” He complied.

        Blode walked over to Raddle, who was next to a tall, thick tree, about 10 feet tall.

        “I need you to climb up the tree with me tied to your tail.”

        “What?! No way, I’ve already got my own plan.” Blode argued.

        “Pleeeeeeeease!” Raddle begged.

        “Ugh… fine.” Blode said once more. He grabbed Raddle by the rattle and tied him around his bushy tail and started climbing.

        “Ow ow ow…” Raddle repeated as his head jerked against the tree.

        Blode made it up to the top, without one sweat drop. He untied Raddle from his tail.

        “Now what?” He asked.

        “Now, you distract him. Run to the volcano!” Raddle replied. Blode just stared. “Go on.”

        “Right, right.” Blode said sarcastically. “I’m not doing it! Why don’t you do it?!” While he said that, he grabbed Raddle by the stomach and threw him down in front of Scorch. But Blode followed anyway.

        Now Raddle knew for sure that Blode had more than just some evil in him. The nice Blode would never do that!

        Scorch looked down at Raddle as he was slithering towards the mountain.

        “Hm. Why is he going there? Only a fool would do that. He’s up to something. Better not chase him. Huh?!”         Scorch turned around and saw Spote right there on rocket-boots. WAM! He punched him right in the jaw.

        Spote headed for the mountain with a stern face, looking as if he never punched him.

        Scorch moaned while his jaw was severely bleeding, “Forget about what their plan is, I’m gonna kill them!” He glided, nearing Spote and Raddle, with his hand up holding another shadow ball.

        Raddle was to far down to be a target, so he aimed for Spote. He threw the darkness at him, but he dodged it, not even looking back.

        Raddle and Blode made it to the alp, trying to act like they weren’t tired.

        Scorch kept throwing several shadow balls at him, but he kept dodging them all!

        “Hm… pretty good dodger when he’s in the air, maybe I should try fire.” Scorch smirked.

        Scorch was breathing in, and Raddle saw him. He knew Spote couldn’t dodge the fire, and it looked like Scorch was doing it with max power.

        So that’s when Raddle made everything in slow motion. But what was next? He couldn’t jump up there and stop him. Scorch was still going to breathe fire on Spote in a matter of time.

        Raddle was thinking really hard and fast. Scorch kept breathing in more and more. Raddle was very much panicking but he finally thought of and idea. He didn’t think it would work though, but he wanted to try it anyway. Blode was next to him, and he wanted to jump off of him and knock Scorch over or something like that.

        Scorch was immediate to letting his heat flow out. So Raddle twisted himself up to a spring formation.

        But suddenly, the slow motion wore off! Scorch blew the fire out, while Raddle already jumped up onto Blode’s head and sprung off way into the sky, landing in front of the fire instead of Scorch!

        Spote turned his head back and saw Raddle slowly falling down to the blackened forest, while Scorch grew an everlasting smirk.

        “Well that was lucky. A sacrifice, 1 down, 3 to go.” Scorch said to himself.

        Spote looked down at Raddle, “I’ll help you soon, don’t worry.”

        Scorch and Spote made it to the volcano, with Blode sitting down at the bottom of it, staring at them.

        Spote flew into the mountain from the top and traveled down, with Scorch following behind, both determined.

        They floated, facing each other.

        “What are you going to do now? Just you, and me. Who do you think will win?” Scorch said, getting into some sort of dragon stance.

        Spote didn’t say anything for a few seconds. He just stared into Scorch’s smirking eyes. But then he finally said, “Me!”

        Spote flew out of the volcano with remarkable speed. Scorch looked up at him, taking his smirk away. What was he doing? But then he finally started to chase him again.

        Spote made it to the top of the alp but tripped on the side! He rolled down a bit of the mountain, with a hurt ankle.

        Blode was at the top, still sitting, and staring.

        Spote’s orange and black potion fell out and rolled in front of Blode. He stared at it, while Scorch was very close to the top.

        Blode stood up and picked up the potion. Was this his chance to be good? He thought so. So he threw it in the volcano, not know if that was best. The potion hit Scorch’s head causing it to break open, splattering all over him and dripping to the bottom of the mountain.

        The top of the alp was slowly closing. Scorch’s arm charged through it, but the peak closed up! Scorch’s hand slowly traveled down into the mountain, and did not come back up.

        “GAAAAAH!” Blode was getting shocked with electricity, just like when Scorch was turning him pure evil. But this time, the electricity was a purple darkness.

        “Blode!” Spote yelled, limping over to him. “This concussion does not look good.” He put his hands on Blode’s chest.

        Dragone appeared out of nowhere next to Spote, “He got zapped by Scorch’s darkness. If he ever got defeated, then Blode would die evil and sad. Slowly.”

        “Dragone? I was wondering where you were. But, Blode? He’s going to die?”

        “I’m afraid so.” Dragone started to fly away, but he stopped. “Unless you get him to your lab in time.”

        “I wonder… yes! I bet I could. But, why weren’t you here when we were battling? It would’ve been so much more effortless with you.”

        Dragone was flying away more, but he stopped again. “Maybe fate just took control.” Dragone flied away more, but again stopped. “Or maybe there would be a new legend on this island.” This time, he flew away and didn’t come back.

        Spote was a little confused, but tried to focus on getting Blode and Raddle to safety. Raddle! He completely forgot about him, he had to hurry. His rocket-boots broke, so he grabbed Blode by his front arms and pulled him down the mountain.

        It took him about 10 minutes to do. He finally made it to the bottom, and sat there for a bit. He looked at Blode, who was slowly getting covered with purple color, starting from the tail to the head.

        Spote couldn’t just sit there, he had to save Blode, and hopefully Raddle.

        So he grabbed Blode by the arms and pulled more, it was harder now that he wasn’t on a steep mountain.

        Spote looked around, he saw Raddle! But he was covered with ashes and soot.

        “Raddle.” Spote panted, letting go of Blode and running towards Raddle.

        “Oh no. I can’t carry both! I can hardly carry one…” Spote fell down on his back in frustration. He looked up (which was down) and saw a Ranamo bush. Those looked like a normal green bush, but it had Ranamo berries growing on it. Now those looked like simple oval shaped red and blue berries.

        “Yes! Ranamo bush. I can heal Raddle! What are the odds…” Spote chuckled as he picked some berries. He kneeled down to Raddle and squished some of the berry juice in his mouth. It drizzled into his throat, and soon into his lungs and veins.

        Spote waited for about 30 seconds.

        Raddle woke up coughing a whole lot. Like he just swallowed bunches of saliva. “Oh… what was that?” Raddle asked, then coughing more.

        “Never mind that! You’re alive!” Spote shouted as he hugged Raddle.

        “I… I am! Thank you Spote! Uh, where’s Scorch? And what happened to Blode?!” Raddle wondered as he looked around.

        “Don’t worry, Blode took care of Scorch, for good. And if we don’t hurry to my lab, Blode could die!” Spote answered.

        “Oh dear! We’d better hurry.” Raddle grabbed one of Blode’s paws with his mouth and started pulling back. Spote did the same, except he used his paws.

        They took some 5 minute breaks, but after about 30 minutes, they made it to their home.

        “Spote, ow. My back’s killing me. Can we take care of Blode later?” Raddle asked.

        “No. Blode could die soon. We have to take care of him now!”

        “OK, fine.” Raddle breathed, as he got up.

        They went through the rock and into the laboratory.

        “Don’t worry Blode. You’ll be alright.” Spote said while he and Raddle placed Blode in the middle of the lab on a table.

        “Hey Raddle, give me the that potion, the black and green one.” Spote said.

        Raddle did so; he wrapped his tail around the potion and carefully gave it to Spote.

        Spote held it up to Raddle; “There’s a 60% chance this will completely kill Blode. But a 40% chance of reviving him.”

        Raddle was frightened, and so was Spote. He carefully poured the potion onto Blode’s stomach, which made a sizzling sound.

        He backed off. They just stared at Blode, waiting to see what will happen.

        After about 10 minutes, nothing happened.

        “Spote, is it over?” Raddle asked, tears flushing his whole face.

        “I believe so.” Spote said, trying not to cry but couldn’t help it. “Let’s just, go outside for a bit, k?”

        “OK.” Raddle said miserably.

        They walked outside, while the dusk wind dried their tears. They beat Scorch, but nothing else. They had an adventure to save Blode, but failed.

        The scenery around them glimmered with prettiness, but nothing else.

        “He was the best wolf ever.” Spote started, crying very much, “But we have to let go.”

        “Oh… why does my head hurt so much?” Blode moaned, while coming out of the lab. He was alive after all!

        “Huh? Blode!!” Spote and Raddle yelled together as they turned around and hugged him.

        “I can’t believe you’re alive!” Spote shouted.

        “I know, it’s great! But uh, Spote? Blode still has some evil in him. I have a feeling the curse will never go away completely.” Raddle sighed.


        “But how do you--”

        “I just know.” Raddle interrupted.

        “That’s too bad. But, at least he’s our friend in our hearts.” Spote encouraged.

        “And do you know what I noticed, Spote? Your not talking as smart as you were before.” Raddle said.

        “Be quie" hush. Or, muffle. Er, mute?” Spote kept going on.

        Raddle laughed, “See?”

        They all turned around and stared at the pretty scenery. It didn’t just glimmer with prettiness anymore. It glimmered with victory. And the hero’s weren’t just the three heroes. They were The Three Friends.




© 2010 Puni

Author's Note

I'm sorry, I really don't know why some of it's big and some of it's small. I don't know how to fix it.

This story was made ALL by ME! I would love if people commented and gave reviews. Please, I want to know what you think of it! I understand if you totally hate it... I know it's not the best story ever, but I like it anyway.

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Added on January 2, 2010
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