A Poem by Ioana Mihai


What are you looking at
Fixing me that insistent
What do you see in me?
Just a shape, a little smile,
Or what you wish I would be…
Can you see the bright light
Shining in my eyes
Like clear rays of diamonds,
That takes away into depths
Of a soul as a book
Of uncountable stories
From the past that was me
Yet my present seems a mystery
Mixed with dreams for the future…
Can you see all the passion
Of a dreamer and a warrior
Like a delicate flower
Growing through the storms
In a fragile and strong symbiosis.
Can you see a pure heart
That carries a love as big as the world
So heavy and unconditional
And you want it for free, carelessly.
Don’t blame me to be enigmatic
It’s you who can’t see anything
Into me, it’s you who can’t read
From the book of my soul
Thus my heart and my mind
Can’t unlock you the door
From the inside at all.
It’s a mystery that perhaps
One day will be solved
When 2 dreams big enough
Will meet courage and trust
To believe in true love.

© 2023 Ioana Mihai

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This is so poetic, and so very sweet. It's a little heartbreaking too. Well.done!

Posted 1 Month Ago

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Ioana Mihai

1 Month Ago

A good reader, summed up well, thank you 😊
Amazing poem with great lines to pick from. Your invitation will be appreciated by many men. They want to unlock your mystery.

Posted 1 Month Ago

Sami Khalil

1 Month Ago

And thank you for the explanation.
Ioana Mihai

1 Month Ago

Welcome, my pleasure :)
Sami Khalil

1 Month Ago


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2 Reviews
Added on March 30, 2023
Last Updated on March 30, 2023


Ioana Mihai
Ioana Mihai

United Kingdom