What If I Told You

What If I Told You

A Poem by Eli

What if I told you,
The world is one big lie?
Governed and consecrated,
By all the decimated tries.
That everything you need,
Rests before your eyes.
Let your mind go,
And try your heart on for size.
It?s not what you want,
But the need to feel alive.
And here I feel alive.

What if I told you,
My knowledge is my advice?
My library of thoughts,
Pure emotion capsized.
Would you ever jeopardize,
Your everlasting wonder,
For things left criticized?
Look into my eyes,
One day I hope and pray,
You learn from the reprise.
Learn without surprise.

What if I told you,
Life is pain no matter the guise?
Meant to be overcome,
No matter the excuse,
In the face of this evil franchise.
A test amongst the gods,
Against countless odds,
To see your climb or eminent demise.
Push yourself outside the lines,
Beyond the comfort zone,
They made you epitomize.
Always remember,
Real eyes realize real lies.
Always remember,
Real eyes realize real lies.
Stay true to yourself,
Real eyes realize real lies.

© 2017 Eli

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Intense, sparely worded and with good rhymes. Still, I am unable to detect the identity of "this evil franchise."

Posted 6 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on August 30, 2017
Last Updated on August 30, 2017



Manchester, NH

24 Year old male from New Hampshire, US. Family, friends, adventures, music, guitar, weed, hiking, biking, camping, lyrics etc. Want to learn more ask me, I love a good conversation/story. more..

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