In A School.

In A School.

A Poem by Maximus

A World Of Fun.

In a school, there sat a toad
Who wore a wrinkled shirt
He croaked all night, he croaked all day
His toadly croak was sure his pay

In a school, there sat a mouse
With spectacles on his snout
He scurried here, he scurried there
Finding crumbs now here, then disappear

In a school, there sat a cat
She purred with much delight
She stretched and yawned, she curled in sleep
And dreamed of chasing mice in heaps

In a school, there sat a bat
Upside down from the ceiling
He flapped his wings, he glided wild
Creating a flutter, twas truly mild

In a school, there sat a duck
Quacking loud all day
He waddled here, he waddled there
Quacking the melody of “Let’s play!”

In a school, there sat a bear
With a great big belly
He gobbled snacks, he gobbled lunch
With a slurp, he guzzled jelly

In a school, there sat a frog
With a crown upon his head
He hopped so high, he hopped so far
And waved to the birds perched on a shard

In a school, there sat a goat
With a beard so very long
He chewed on grass, he chewed on flowers
His horns so strong, they’d never go wrong

In a school, a world of fun
With creatures large and small
They learn and laugh, they play all day
In this enchanted, joyful hall.
Written By,
Ivan Edwin Pen Name--Maximus.

© 2024 Maximus

Author's Note

This poetry describes the joyful life of school days.

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Added on February 7, 2024
Last Updated on February 7, 2024
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