The Angel of Death

The Angel of Death

A Story by Jerry Jones

A Chicago native, John Griswall gets robbed and killed and goes to heaven. They send him back to earth and he becomes an Angel of death going around Chicago killing bad men as an Angel.


            A Chicago native and kind, gentle man living in Chicago on his way home from work on a late Friday night subway train gets robbed and killed. He wakes up from death to find himself in heaven where he meets Michael the Archangel of war. Michael asked him to go back to earth as an angel in his army of angels sent around the world to wage a war on crime. Man’s dirty war’s that bring human indignity, human injustices and death around the world. John Griswall is his name and this is his story is true to fact as I know it. John becomes an angel of death in Michael’s army. He wants to do his part in saving the world. Save his beloved family he left behind from God’s wrath of Armageddon if the angels fail to make a difference. John goes back to Chicago and fights crime and the injustices of humans and by on other humans. He goes around the city of Chicago killing sinful criminals, sending their souls to hell. The police think there is a vigilante killer lose in the city. He does not discriminate in picking his criminal victims, picking from a range of petty thieves, murders, rapists, mob bosses, politicians and dirty cops. The manhunt is on for a serial killer. Wherever he goes and whoever he kills he leaves his calling card. A death card found on the body only he can leave, sending out the word it was him and only him bringing death to all criminals who cross his path.


             A team of hard-nosed veteran detectives try to find and stop this vigilante only to find out he is a real angel. What are you going to do"? You can’t kill him or imprison him. Chicago is forced to come to terms with this new lawman or should I say "Law angel" in town and learns to live with him and a new Chicago because he's here to stay. Detective Sargent Christy Evans who leads her team of homicide detectives are hot on his trail. They continue mopping up the carnage of dead bodies after each of the murders hoping to get one step closer to him and stopping this vigilante killer. After some very intense investigations and a dozen murders later, Detective Evans and some cops think this is a real angel that’s come to earth and is doing all the killing. No human has the super human strength to do what this angel does in his methods of killing. Detective Evans is willing to follow him into the pits of hell if that’s what it takes to catch him and ask him why? “Why now and who is next, is the most important questions Christy is willing to risk her own life to find out the answers. Detective Evans faces opposition and conflict from those who do not believe in angels and demons or heaven and hell. Some people believe in such things and some do not, which causes her great turmoil in her own ranks. She has to make believers out of the peers she must answer to.


        Some people have to be convinced the hard way by this one sole detective, this is a real angel and heaven does exist as they find out he is here to stay and not to mess with him or else. Others refuse to believe until it’s too late for them to repent and the only option is death. What do you do with a real angel from heaven killing criminals and finding bodies by the dozens? He doesn’t fall under man’s written laws. God has invoked a set of new laws for man to follow and John only answers to God and heaven. For hundreds of thousands of years this world was Satan’s or Lucifer’s playground of pleasure, sin and despair. The war of good and evil is on and he’s not going to give up this planet without a fight. He sends his own angels and demons around the world to fight heaven’s angels for all the souls of humanity. The stakes have never been higher in the history of mankind for the grand prize of human souls and earth. Humans around the world not even aware of this war taking place fall easy prey to the pleasures of Satan. People soon find out around the world as well, angels are very real. With an army of Michael’s angels around the world, humans see the subtle changes for the good of mankind taking place. They realize they are here and humans need to change or die. Happening before their very eyes, they see wars end. Dictators die and people are freed from bondage and slavery to live their new lives and make their own choices in life.


          The events they see take place make believers out of people all over the world while others reject their message to carry on with their evil ways fighting the changes of humanity. Lucifer sends his angels and demons to Chicago to stop this one lone angel from victory. As John does his duty and the body count starts climbing, humans are forced to face the hard truths about themselves and this one lone vigilante angel loose in the city. They are forced to praise him or hate him. Learn to live with him or face what’s coming if he fails. Join him or die, your given a choice to repent or burn in the fiery pits of hell condemning your soul forever. Criminals have had a foothold in Chicago since Chicago was born and not willing to give up their city without a fight. They are willing to gamble for the city or die by his hands. Even Chicago’s finest, the protectors of the people, as in the politicians, state and federal both, with the Chicago police departments are forced to change their way of doing business or face John’s wrath. These humans learning what the outcome is and their fate if they don’t change, all will all be judged the same in the end. The choice has finally come for humanity to face. What will it be, change the world as they know it or face the damnation of Armageddon? Chicago is forced to come to terms with this new lawman or should I say "Law angel" in town and learns to live with him and a new Chicago because he's here to stay. The choice is yours as I tell John’s story about the day an Angel came to Chicago.


© 2017 Jerry Jones

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The problem I find in this writing is that of context. It is quite bland. Maybe its just me (hence why im not leaving a rating) but in all seriousness I see parts continuously repeated in different ways. Each leading to a similar point. If one were to strip this down it would be 4 paragraphs of "join the angel, john or die." over and over again. there's not much to the plot other than this. What I personally think would be more effective is if we were to focus on one example of his execution. One mob boss. This as it lies, seems more like a summary for a novel to try and pull you in on its back cover, not the story itself. The writing style however is very nice, the actual style screams old al capone '20s chicago which is very captivating.

Posted 5 Years Ago

Jerry Jones

5 Years Ago

Thank you. I would like you to read the whole story. I think you would like it because it's differen.. read more
Dave Klier

5 Years Ago

that may be true. This seems much more of a overall sales pitch, not a bad one, but not a story on i.. read more

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