Dear gay child

Dear gay child

A Story by Jack V.

A letter to a fictitious child who may or may never exist.


Dear gay child,


Hello there my sweet. I am your mother. You do not exist yet; and I don’t know if you ever will. But if we ever meet, this is what I want you to know. This is what I’d want to say to you.


I selected your father, and found my friends, and chose a family, with you in mind. You weren’t the only criteria, but, I made sure it was on my nonnegotiable list. I did this before I created you. I wanted to make sure as you grow up you have members in your sphere you know you can count on and trust. I love you.


I apologize for the taunts, the labels, for even having to think you need something like this letter to belong. You’re perfect just as God made you. There was never anything wrong with your genetic makeup.


You and I will walk together. And although in the past I haven’t fought when I heard someone taunt, even though I’ve seen bigotry, I won’t not fight for you. Baby child, I don’t know if you’re a boy or girl, but I want you to know, it is illegal in over 75 countries to be gay. And in 8 of them, it is punishable by death. But never fear the world, embrace it; because, you are a member too. Explore and greet people, smile and be cordial, show all of the beautiful morals and manners your father and I have taught you. Because we will have raised you to respect your neighbor. Can you promise me one thing? Don’t expect or assume a fight from everyone when you tell them you’re gay. There are plenty of people out there who just don’t care. It’s like you’re left-handed. Why should that be newsworthy? Does that make sense?


When the fights happen, when you feel challenged, there will be days that I won’t be there. I won’t be able to fight your battles. But you don’t need me to. I prepared you for this world to face it like a champ. Just remember to offer your words before all else. Find patience and courage in the darkness of ignorance, okay?


My dear gay child, you are everything to me. This letter will never be enough to explain to you that although we raise you as a Christian, and you see people use the name of God to persecute gays, members of faith are not enemies. Never feel like a traitor for having and practicing faith. But on the flipside, never give up your faith because you see it as the only way to embrace your homosexuality.


I want you to find love, and I want you to be loved. Never hide your boyfriend or girlfriend from us. I want to interview him or her for competency, and I should have that opportunity just like every other parent. Never exclude me, got it? The fucked up world you and I live in focuses on sex when it comes to being gay, baby. But that just screws up the moments you search for when you come to find yourself, pardon the pun. We’re going to have a sex talk; but don’t worry, it’ll be the same talk I’ll give to your sister or brother should you ever have a sibling.


Child, my child, yes, you are different. But only different like you’ve got blonde hair to someone’s red. I’m on the verge of rambling with this letter and I think I’ve made my point.


One last thing my dear and precious little life: Never hide. Shine my dear. Just shine.

© 2015 Jack V.

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I love this, Jack V. It is sincere, emotional/rational, the sort of thing a caring parent might write to a gay son or daughter. It is well-expressed, the tone formal and yet informal at the same time.
I was pleased to read your comment on Christianity and the conflict gay Christians must feel.
I would very much like to read another letter like this, equally loving and encouraging, but - maybe a parent loving a son or daughter but urging them to be straight? And maybe the outraged reply. The exploration of the conflict within families is so painful. Now that would be a challenge.
I'd be grateful if someone could review my short story, entitled 'Violin'. After I uploaded it I found there were other pieces of the same title so I should perhaps change it.
Thank you.
Alec ShrimptonA.

Posted 3 Years Ago

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