A Poem by Jade-Alia

I'm screaming why can't anyone hear me

crying out for anyone to notice, but they don't

my pain shows clearly but theirs is always first

while my problems grow

I help narrow down theirs

but mine are still here

and worst then ever

tamed and pushed down

but restless and spilling over

mine, harsh and cruel, defeating me day by day

mine, controlling and over powering

I don't even know who I am, taken over

broken, hurt, weak, confused

All things of possibility

yet who am I as a whole, all summed up

...but I am not whole

you can't shorten something incomplete

maybe that's who I am, incomplete, my only real description.

but still they came first

their lives, their problems, their hurt and pain

my tears are for later, when I’m alone

theirs are for now falling on my shoulder

my thoughts are for later, for paper and for my eyes only

theirs are for now, to be heard and spoken

for me to hear

mine later, theirs now

mine second,theirs first

THEIRS, mine

now, later; here, then; never voiced, aloud

written yet never read.

...I mean nothing to this place

they mean everything

I hide,they seek

I hurt, they heal

I cry alone, they smile

I come second, they come first

always have, always will.

but I hope not, I would like to be first, at least once.

I want someone to care for me like I do for them

but for now I’m incomplete

as I keep them whole.

© 2014 Jade-Alia

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Added on September 17, 2014
Last Updated on September 17, 2014
Tags: incomplete, alone, I don't matter



I'm a teenager and I've already a life time full of hurt. Struggling through depression poetry is one of the only things that really helps me. more..

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