An Act Of Kindness

An Act Of Kindness

A Story by Jared braden

Just some thoughts on my mind.

There is so much negativity in this world. So much selfishness. So much hatred. So much anger. All these things come from holding onto the past. People were a******s to me yesterday, so I should just avoid people and think only of myself. Or I've been a dick my whole life what does it matter if I change now. This is what gives birth to the vicious cycle tearing apart our world and our hearts. Millions of people following this same thought process. 
Our pasts have continued to haunt us day to day. Being unhappy with the things we've done leads many of us to believe that it's just a cycle that can't be stopped. This is one of the biggest illusions I've witnessed. What we've done is nothing more than that. Every new breath symbolizes new life; new beginnings, new hope, another chance. We need to discard the idea that what we've done makes us who we are today. 
Every day is a new day. With it comes the chance to change who we are, our character and our very nature. We MUST look at every new moment simply as that, another opportunity to rewrite ourselves. To live in the imagine of who we've always wanted to be. All each of us needs to do is accept the past for what it is, the way things were. Stop drawing the silly conclusion that the past is the way things are. It is behind us and as long as we keeps our heads facing forward it will stay that way.
Now is the time to change that. There will never be a different time than now. The only chance you will ever have to break the cycle is the current moment. We need to quit pushing aside our dreams, ideas, or hopes for the world. One might say that so what if I decide to give more to the world rather than take and take and take, if I'm the only one doing it it'll never make a difference. It pains me to hear this. It is most nonsense in the world. Everything we do has an impact on everything around us. Everything we think. Everything we say.
The revolution that this world needs to break away from this selfishness, greed, hatred, anger, ect, the revolution of love, is sparked by a single act of kindness. Complimenting someone you do or don't know. Lending a help to someone in need, whether they are dear to you or not. Anything you can do to put a smile on someone's face. It will have more of an impact than you can imagine. They will remember it. It can break the cycle and cause a chain reaction. It will be in their thoughts the next time they are put in a situation where they can make someone's day better. It will remind them they don't need a reason to help someone. That sort of selfish thinking is why the world is the way it is today. 
True love knows no limits. It is never limited to those around you. Those who can do something for you or those who have. Love is the greatest gift we have to give to this world and love will leave the largest impact on it.
Be true to yourself. Love those you care about and even those you don't. Love should be unconditional. No past a person has created for themselves should starve them of their right for love. That is usually what lead them down that path to begin with. The people filled with the most hatred and anger are the ones who need love more than anybody else. A heart grows cold when it is never warmed. At some point it will become frozen over and through all their desperate attempts they can't seem to produce the same genuine love by themselves. Be the one to warm their hearts. Be the one to start the chain. Be the one to do a simple selfless act of kindness. 
There is only love in this world. Everything else is merely a lack of it. 

© 2013 Jared braden

Author's Note

Jared braden
Just some thoughts on my mind. Wasn't edited or revised.

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Added on October 23, 2013
Last Updated on October 23, 2013


Jared braden
Jared braden

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