What is the Point

What is the Point

A Poem by Jasmin

I wrote this one way before i was interested in writing when i was asking myself i i even try to be happy, i don't know if i have the answer for that one yet, because it seems every time i'm happy, well something happens and it is impossible for me to be


 You try to be happy hold splendor close

But again again

Life throws you down

You try to hold optimism

Close to your heart

But it is to strong

Breaks away leaving you



We ask ourselves the point?

Why do we try so hard?

Is it because we want so much to feel


To feel like

Were worth something

But whats the point?


We try to think up

And never look down

But sometimes

Down looks like up

And we try so hard to just get there

Just to be pulled back down

So whats the point?


And then

Just when you think your there

You don’t need to worry

You have optimism on hold

Its frozen In time

The heat wave comes rumbling

And your back on the ground

So whats the point?


The point?

For Happiness? for Love?

For success?

For Money?

For Popularity?

For Acceptance?


Why do we try so hard?

To be…..


And the answer

Is the same

In every body


Blood sweat and tears

Goes in to this one thing




Because that is all we really want

Every single one of us


We are all people

And no matter how different

We look , or act, or feel,

No matter how we look at the world


We all want the same thing



To be happy



And so you ask yourself


Why do I try so hard?


What is the point?


When will it be enough for me?


And then you answer to yourself

Because I want to be….

The point is….

It will be enough for me….

To be and when I’ll be




To smile and really really know…




© 2009 Jasmin

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Comment on this one please i really like it and want to know if it can be improved

Posted 14 Years Ago

great poem i really like this. I wonder what is the point to doing anything a lot of the time. and it is so true the purpose of life is to make yourself feel happy as much as possible so i guess the point to doing anything is to get there. and when or if u ever get there you are going to be brought down again eventually. but when you make yourself miserable by trying to get there i really do not see the point any longer. wicked poem though i read it over a few times. i thoughtt it was great.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Added on March 22, 2009
Last Updated on March 28, 2009




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