Child of Mother Earth

Child of Mother Earth

A Poem by Jaweena...Eileen Quintana

Within Navajo culture, girls are traditionally blessed with coming of age ceremony- Kinaalda. This rite of passage observance is an important time in life. Striving to emulate Changing Woman.


Child of Mother Earth

Blessed from birth

with traditional Dine’ teachings

endowed with a rich legacy…

the knowledge of my worth

as a woman.

I am made whole again


To’ahani asdza nishli

I am a Nearwater Woman

reflecting the attributes of

Changing Woman and Mother Earth

sacred life-giver, nurturer and protector!

I mirror the strength, beauty and power

of the female side of the universe


I was blessed in “Kinaalda” ceremony

at the threshold of womanhood.

An equal to my male counterpart





and spiritually

with ancient songs and prayers

Four days of retelling of Dine’ Creation

stories in Hozhooji Beji’

My deities - the Holy Ones

attended and blessed me.

Gifted and witnessed

by my family and community.

I am Nahookaa Diyin Dine,

on the surface holy, sacred being!

© 2012 Jaweena...Eileen Quintana

Author's Note

Jaweena...Eileen Quintana
As a Navajo woman I am empowered by the traditional teachings of my culture.
During my lifetime I have noticed different societies describe women as "the weaker sex"....somehow lesser?
As American Indians we have traditionally valued the important role of women. Our society is egalitarian, neither gender is considered to be less important or inferior. Sadly this knowledge is being forgotten and replaced by western thought.

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Featured Review

How refreshing to read such a beautifully humbling poem. It is important to share the importance of tradition and to remind others of the values seemingly swallowed up in our ever changing materialistic world!

Brilliant write – well done!

Bless - Nizhónígo Nee Ado’ááł

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Jaweena...Eileen Quintana

10 Years Ago

Ahehee! Diné' ish nílí?


The power behind the words is almost ethereal to nature herself, well done, good read.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Your creativity shines in this well written poem. Your wisdom and knowledge are visible in all your verses purely very effective. Great writing my friend

Posted 10 Years Ago

Such a beautiful, powerful glimpse of life and light... of sacred stirrings... stories.. spirituality... of those rich traditions that carry on within us.. mind, heart, and soul... Thank you for sharing something so personal.. so honest...

Posted 10 Years Ago

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The writing flows as do seasons. Thank you for sharing this Kinaalda story. I loved it.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Yes, sadly, plenty has been replaced or drowned in and by western ways...
but for me, this was an honorable look inside a tradition I had only heard
about by friends whose lives this was a part of.

Thanks so much for sharing

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Adore your golden work that is a proof of your rich culture.
Woman and man should live in honor as equals.
Poets like you can motivate others through such meaningful poems.
I congratulate you for the great write.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Always amazed by the cultures of others and as a reader to this verse... I could only soak in the words and experience a new out look on something I've not realized...

Posted 10 Years Ago

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I have always I believe honored N.A.culture with respect to women and their role in life and society, you have a proud heretige..I honor you and it. laury

Posted 10 Years Ago

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This is how it should be: gender treated with respect, love and an appreciation of what grace and tenderness means. Men are born of women, they're given life and nurture by their mothers.. isn't that enough to debar them from insulting all other women?
How beautiful your roots in accepting the glorious 'weaker sex' as the miracle it is.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Jaweena...Eileen Quintana
Jaweena...Eileen Quintana


"Ya'at'eeh" means hello in the Navajo language. My name is Eileen Quintana....Jaweena was a name that my brother called me when I was a baby. I am learning how to write about my unique perspective.. more..


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