Terrorists and Teacups

Terrorists and Teacups

A Story by Jawsnap

Two elderly women gossip in a busy cafe. Two sugars with your inhumanity Enid?



The cafe was a hive of activity. The bustle and sound of the many gathered clamoring together in one oddly natural chorus. 
In one of the four alcoves sat two old women.  Their sagging jowls quaking with each word and phrase spoke with a madly mounting fervor. 

"Did you hear about the Khan's just down the road?" One asked as she leant forward and set down her cup with an unheard 'clink'. 
"No?" replied the other, her eyes widened as her black hair bobbed slightly as she too leant inward across the table. 

"Got raided just the other day they did." The first woman remarked and surpressed a small shudder of some inhuman anticipation. "Terrorists! The kids an' all!" She exclaimed quite loudly but her cries were easily overlooked admist the mass throng of people. 

"Ooh!" Chirped the second woman with her cracked lips pursed, the edges of her mouth drawn into an excited smile and with a single tap of her companions hand did the story continue. 

"Well" the storyteller continued between short sips of milky tea. "They took 'em all out inta the front yard, as they do." The other woman gave a short bob of the head. "Start readin' 'em their rights." 
"Or lack there of!" The second woman intervened with a beastly chuckle. 
"Well, the bloke. The father I mean. He starts kicking off!" A short burst of laughter and various flapping hand mannerisms erupted from them both. "Oh you should of seen it! F'in and blindin' he were!" 
"Ooh Enid!"
"So anyway, policeman pulls his gun out an' shoots 'im! Shoots wife an' kids an' all he does!" 

At this point the second womans exspression slowly turned into mild confusion however her friend was ever at hand to explain.

"They can do that now yer see, don't have to take 'em off anywhere to shoot 'em."

At this both women looked rather pleased, impressed as it were. A few bobs of the head and the odd exchange of an "aah" or a "hrrm" between them.
"Bloody terrorists." Murmered one as she set her empty cup down. "Fancy another Mirium?" 
"Aye go on then."
"Oh did I tell you about that Indian couple in the flat just near mine?"

© 2009 Jawsnap

Author's Note

Please excuse the horrid dialogue, its not exactly natural and as fluent as it could be. Also please be aware these do not represent my own views on the situation at hand.

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I think it is brilliant. The detail, the way they speak; and the way a lot of elderly people (around here anyways) speak of things they're close-minded to.
And the title.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on December 8, 2009



Preston, United Kingdom