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I'm not back, I'm not really around but I should start writing again... I just thought I'd come back for a bit, I'm thinking of people...


wow how times have changed...

My life I guess has been a rollarcoaster, but then it always kind of was. There is always something else...

But right now I just felt the urge to record some names of  guys who have made an impact on my life. I don't know why when I think of the most important people in my life I instantly think of the males first, but so many of them have loved, or helped, or cared for me in someway as a friend, family or more that they really mean something.
I didn't know where else to put this list, but in the lost place of nostalgia seems right...


In no real order...


Sean Gibson - There are no words and you've heard them all, you know my heart better than any other.

My Dad - I miss you, I've always looked up to you and you've brought me up well... come back soon, so I can hug you and tell you how much I Love you...

Gene Tolentino - I hope I spelt your last name correct, and I need to make more time to talk to you. You're truely a great friend.

Jofer Serapio - You never cease to be brilliant and helpful. You're like a brother, you're freaky enough to be one too. Write wonderful things...

Damian Bushong - who always is there with hugs and talks and lame puns that make me smile. Thank you.

Tom Keithley - You're tommerful and have a strong will, don't ever lose sight of who you are. Goober.

Kevin Meyer - You help me see that you shouldn't let yourself be judged by others, thankyou for the smiles.

Carl - I think I need some more of your wonderful flowing words.

Ethan Furlong - You may wonder why you are here, but I did always like you. Stay weird and wonderful.

Sam Smith - For the times when you're not annoying, putting up with me, and the good times.

Jake Morrison - I miss those days, and your cooking.

Jesse Knierum - Because at the end of the day you are a good brother.


There are no doubt more but these are just some that come to mind. I'd also like to thank all my teachers and friends for everything they have done for me...
Also to all the females in my life. I still care about you too but you might have to wait for another day of nostalgia.

also to who ever reads this. I didn't ask you to, but thank you.

I Love you all.



© 2009 Jazlean

Author's Note

This really is just a note...

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It maybe just a note, but it is a wonderful tribute to people in your life who have help you or guided you in some way to be the person you are today. A Great piece!!!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on July 26, 2009



Perth, Western Australia, Australia

I first came here in 2006. Then when the site crashed and all was lost, I never really returned. But now maybe I will. Or at least pop by from time to time to show that I am still alive and never rea.. more..