Of Doubt

Of Doubt

A Poem by Jazmen

Free Write


Everything must be poetic. The cat is cross eyed. The breeze is wet.

The little baby flies solicit the center of the bedroom. Flying in small circles chaotically.

The sun is hiding and I really don't mind.

The internet's been down for 3 days but I would've sworn it's been a week.

So I'm writing on my own time..

My friend's lost all hope for the world.

And I'm not in it to save it.

Here I am blowing ashes

Onto the fresh, clean floor.

My time to feed is dawning again.

The hour's've passed and it's

afternoon time or


before my 4 o'clock shift

I want to send for a cab so I don't have to walk

Just want to get stoned and by myself just talk with my mouth shut as I push on these buttons - they're black with white letters. The desk is green and my smoke is a prominent grayish blue hue of coiling heat in the open room with all the windows cracked wide, it's raining,

no, relight the cherry,

the outside is moist, the bushes, brambles and grass fresh in the absence of this mornings rain, it's too much,

I've got to make the call.

I'd like to walk but my fingers are cold and I'm blazed to the core

I'll wait until I forget I don't want to speak.

Yes it's all wrong..

© 2012 Jazmen

Author's Note

- The Inner Opposer

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Can you fly in a circle chaotically?

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

a circle is the opposite of chaos. Yes swirling round and round would have been more fitting.
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7 Years Ago

Thanks for the tip but I like it the way it is.

7 Years Ago

Didn't mean it as a "tip", but okay, I apologize for upsetting you.
Love the way you start this poem, random thoughts and yet you manage to give it life and commentary .love I am blazed to the core.

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

thanks! I appreciate your insight..
I like that line too.. it fit very well, I think.

7 Years Ago

Yes it did perfectly
I like how it drifts in and out of reality..it is a little like being stoned..the imagery is kinda vivid...there's a lingering frustration, but sedation and relaxation are apparent. It has some interesting overlapping layers...IDK it's just an intriguing piece..a landscape for the mind to sit and relax with

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

thanks for your review of this one.. it was written very quick and with not a lot of patience. the l.. read more
Shmoke-Sifted Heftlander

7 Years Ago

anytime...love ur work...if I manage to say anything useful, I more than happy :)

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