A Story by Kianna

Miss Willows was entrusted to keep the children, but she's so tired and makes a decision to break her promise.


I had no choice, thought Miss Willows as she paced the living room. Her plush robe trailed behind her like a shadow as she pressed lightly in her slippers. Miss Willows did not want to wake the children in the middle of a battle against her conscious. Sighing, she finally retreated on the sofa chair in front of the hearth. The cotton fit comfortably around the woman’s small stature and loosened the tension tight in her wrinkled skin. Maybe the serenity of the crackling fire would make her forget about the whole situation, and the children. Oh, but they were like nagging images. Like things you want to forget, but just can’t.

The fire snapped and her eyes tightened as she glanced at the cutout ad on her coffee table. She didn’t want to look at the bad she had done. So, she turned her tired eyes to the pictures hanging over the hearth. She mashed her lips together. Her sister, Bailey’s bright brown eyes smiled back at her. Miss Willows remembered the promised she made to Bailey before she died. She promised she would take in her children, but she just couldn’t hold up to it anymore. Miss Willow’s mind raced thinking about it. They became too hard to handle. Miss Willows wasn’t wrong in tiring of the children. Who wouldn’t pass out after moving the eldest from school to school because of a bad attitude? On top of that, the other one won’t stop peeing in the bed from nightmares even the finest therapists couldn’t decipher. The boy of the bunch had been an angel, but his bad language embarrassed Miss Willows wherever she went. What more can Miss Willows do?

          She worried for them, but tomorrow they would no longer be her problem, her migraine, her stress and she can live in peace. Still, Raven Academy seemed a little much for them. She found the school in the phone book. It was a boarding school and the only one that would take in the children (and the records with them). She didn’t meet the principal, but talked to her over the phone. Miss Willows should’ve been more suspicious that the principal made every excuse for them not to actually meet, but the glee at getting rid of the children overrode the thought. The woman had a very mature voice too. The children will be fine, she reassured herself. She shook her head and the fire died down. She flicked the rest of the lights off and prepared for bed.  

            She took one last glance at the pictures over the hearth. “Forgive me, Bailey,” she murmured, but she knew the guilt would not subside until the children were out of her sight. Now, she disgusted and guilty. Maybe the pictures had to go too.

© 2013 Kianna

Author's Note

Dear Reader,

This is mostly an excerpt from my next project. Tell me what you think.

Sincerely JazzSoulKeke,

God bless

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I agree with the other reviewers, I am curious how this would look in, as you put it, your 'next project'. The woman's internal conflict is well written, and I like the twist near the end, in which you realize that not everything is as it seems.

Posted 6 Years Ago

I really like the premise for the setting and how you manipulate us thru it while her thinking does the revealing of the plot and future plots...you must use this for a longer book!..Laury

Posted 6 Years Ago

The conflict in the heart of a woman is depicted pretty well. Why the title untitled when there is so much in the story to be titled as.....Anyways, a very good write....Thanks for sharing it

Posted 7 Years Ago

I liked how you staged the woman's conflict. I know so many people who would feel the same and do the same in her place, yet I can't help but be disgusted by her.
I can't wait for the Book!

Posted 7 Years Ago

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