All About You <3

All About You <3

A Poem by Katannaism

You have eyes of onyx.
Almond shaped;typical Chinese... 
But they were soulful. 
And they pierced through mine.

Your warm canvas-
A shade of sun-kissed tan. 
Flawless and untainted. 
My personal warmth;
whenever you hold me close. 

A mop of dark ebony hair;
that you yearn to style with wax. 
And dread when its cut. 
But I still loved it the same. 

Your sweet, warm lips-
A dim raspberry-
That tasted delicious whenever we kissed. 
And your tongue of velvet. 
That once desired to travel my mouth. 

Hands that were smooth and pillowy. 
Interlocked my fingers all the time. 
They turn ice cold in movie theaters. 
But warm most of the time. 
As you cradle my face with them..

A voice that calms me; 
Husky and gentle. 
That could put me at ease smoothly. 
Especially when you sing DAY BY DAY. 
Our song...
Which was about a breakup...

That dark, Brandy scent of yours. 
Like an old but rich cognac. 
That wafted off your skin.
It was my drug..
That kept me wanting-no, desiring more. 

Everything you said seemed sincere.
So real. So true. 
You once said. 
We could buy love with money. 
But you can never buy true love. 

When I asked you about ours;
you made me believe...
It was nothing but true. 
Now I feel alone.. 
For believing them-for you. 

Your salty tears that you shed for me. 
Last December 2010. 
We couldn't be together. 
On our monthsary. 
So you cried. So did I...

And since you said Goodbye. 
I never stopped crying. 
But I wouldn't say I wasted them. 
You were worth it. 

People can say I am naive. 
Or that I'm gullible. 
Call it puppy love. 
As I once asked you. 
You cried again when I asked. 
Saying I didn't believe us. 
That was only last December.... 
And not a long time too... 

So do tell me, my love-
What happened to you?

© 2011 Katannaism

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Beautifully written. I like the description you put into it. I could see the images you were describing and the reader can definitely feel the love and hurt that's being portrayed. Excellent job!

Posted 8 Years Ago

i can relate to this

Posted 8 Years Ago

This is simply amazing.. each line is like a brush stroke in a painting... a painting that has a beating heart.. breathing out with such emotion. What a depth of sadness in the deepest hues.

Posted 8 Years Ago

I'm guessing this is based from something that happened to you, right? Well, I think it's both wonderful, and sad. Loving someone so, perfect, just seems to be the greatest thing ever. But being hurt by them is more intense.
I like this because I got the mixed emotions you're trying to show. The descriptions kind of got me. The poems I usually read, literally, always rhyme, but yours, it's what you call style. :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

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