The Truth of Us

The Truth of Us

A Poem by Jennimy Cricket



A laugh, forced
A touch, coarse
Against smooth skin waiting for something more
Than mere convenience. For once I'm sure

That there must be something else in store
for me;

and you;
and others who
may now share part in happiness.


A look, memorised

A smile, ostrasized

From all the rest for reasons right

And all arisen from one strange night

that, nudged by fates omniscient sight,

and perhaps a drink... or two... that might

have given the push of confidence needed

to not care how the try was greeted,

not shocked when no resistance meeted


and, for once, not too wary

of my two,



This is where my heart should lie,

Midst confusion clear and distance nigh,

Not midst stagnance.

Not midst the pretence,

On which you and I reside.


A friend, defensive

Guilt, pensive,

Growing with each excuse of helplessness,

That arose from finding sense in mess

Of feelings not understood,

Of relationships that never would,

Nor could,

Satisfy the souls yearning

For an equal in learning

And thought,

Not always identical,

But levelled and equal

Which you and I never were.


So, though it pains me to say it loud

I, finally, sense in mess have found

And our two threads no longer cross

They dance with others more suited to us.



Though similar colours, clashingly close,

Like red and crimson, pink and rose,

That difference; to small to attract

Like opposites, has made it fact;

If you are you,

I am not me,

If I am who I am,

It spells disharmony.


So drop the facade,

And suddenly the hard

Truth of us is clear;

We are near perfect,

But only near.


© 2010 Jennimy Cricket

Author's Note

Jennimy Cricket
Its a bit of a mess.... Im not very good at unstructure poetry but thats just kinda how it came out... kinda represents how my thoughts are right now.

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This is really beautiful darling...
Definately one of your best.
Love to you !
Well done !

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on February 13, 2010
Last Updated on February 13, 2010


Jennimy Cricket
Jennimy Cricket

Dorset, United Kingdom

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