The Lady of the Thorn Bush

The Lady of the Thorn Bush

A Poem by Gigglez

I got this idea from a picture by Luis Royo. Christian and Pagan views mixed together.

I watched from
afar, a distance
so great that
it seemed to
be endless
in my mind
but what
else does
a thorn bush
do all day,
except for
think and
that which

He came into
my view, holding
himself up proudly
but without pride
at the same time.
He was being
led by a group
of warriors
guards of the
and I watch as
he is stripped
clean of his
clothing, then
(lashed, beaten,
scourged to hell)

and he takes it,
takes it all.

They go on for
(hours, days)
a few minutes,
it seems to me
but then it only
gets worse.

"A king needs,
deserves a crown
does he not?" Jests
one of those foul,
loathsome (coward)
men that beat this
poor male, this
Lordly man, half
to death.
"Yes, yes!" Cry his
friends, and he
walks toward me,
the lonely little
thorn bush, with
knife drawn.

I am helpless,
trapped in my
thorn bush; a
helpless nymph,
a child of the Lord
and of the Mother:
The last of a dying
race long bereft of
power and recognition.
As the sword comes
down on my head,
between my branches,
to take my life and
rend my limbs apart,
I look up and meet
the gaze of the
man who was
being scourged
before my eyes.

He sees me!
I know he does!
I cry out, try to ask
for help, for anything!
Do not let me die!
He smiles sadly,
and I think I hear
him whisper:

"You will see me
in our Lord Father's
court again, little
Nymph; daughter
of Gaia."

As I draw
my last deep
breath of air
(carbon dioxide),
I watch him a
bit longer as
I expire, and
my thorns are
entwined together
in front of my dying

The last image,
the haunting vision
that I see before I
am caught up in His
embrace and brought
to the Gates is the
sorrowful look
in his Son's eyes
as they jam the
crown upon his head.

But I know,
I feel that all
will be well once
again when He
makes it once
more to Our
home, in the
arms of Our
Father and
under the
gaze of Our
loving Mother.

© 2012 Gigglez

Author's Note

I was raised Catholic but I am now dabbling in Pagan rituals, so I wanted to see how it would look if one tried to mix the two. Religious fiction.

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Added on August 6, 2012
Last Updated on August 6, 2012
Tags: Pagan, Christian, Jesus, Scourge




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A Poem by Gigglez