Friends Through Ages

Friends Through Ages

A Poem by Jester


In the beginning,

There were four,

Best friends forever,

They intoned,

Then one of their numbers left,

And she was only one.  


In her new home,

She was one,

But then she met another,

And they were two.


Soon one of the two left,

And she was one again,

But one would not last long.


The one was accepted by many,

And together they were six,

And they enjoyed much,

As they lived their lives together.


Soon two of them left,

And there were four,

They missed their friend,

But soon added more.


Three more were given,

And the seven enjoyed the years,

Spending life laughing,


And loving life.


In the coming years,

Two left,

Leaving behind five once again,

And they friends began to mature.


One was renounced,

And the four feared her,

And the things that she had done,

For in those years they knew nothing of drugs,

Of sex.


One more was added,

Arriving away from friends she knew,

Became part of a different group,

And they accepted and loved her.


The next year one drifted away,

But one of the two who had left so long ago,

Finally returned,

And she was greeted with open arms,

And joyful memories.


And so it was,

That the little girl who had left her friends,

So many years ago,

Grew into a woman,

Surrounded by friends she loved like family.


A sister that she now feared was leaving,

A sister that she laughed with,

A brother that she trusted with all her secrets,

And a lover that she cared for with all her soul.


Through it all,

She regretted not a single thing,

And looks back on the memories with fondness,

Awaiting the day that those that left,

And were leaving,

Would come back to her,

And join her fractured little family.

© 2008 Jester

Author's Note

I was thinking about my friends, and how many that I've had, and this just came to me...
Also, kudos to Elemiah for finding the photo.

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Thanks for finding that picture, Elemiah. It still makes my day to stare at it :)
This was a beautiful poem. I know exactly who we fear, and still fear. O_O; And remember when she showed us her tongue? EWWWWW... that's gonna leave a mark >.< And what she said with her and Anthony? *BARFS* ewzles!
You moved here, then Clarky came, then she moved, then I *STARZ* kidnapped I MEAN... yeah, KIDNAPPED you ;D, then... i adopted you, then Kitty... no, kitty was already there. THEN KITTY MOVED... then Elemiah moved ;-;. Then *shudder* IT. Then Rhe-rhe or Ivonne? >.< OH! OR WAS IT NIKITA? Yeah.... hehe... stupid island :) I've had like, 90 friends that moved away the next year. ;-;
MICHAEL, KITTY, CHAE, NOELLE, AND MANY OTHERS. >: This made me think. Thanks Jester, Thanks Elemiah, THANKS WORLD ='D

Posted 16 Years Ago

This is so sweet. :3 I remember when I found that picture, I stared at it for a minute, and just started giggling. Then I had to wait patiently for people to get online to show it to.

So yeah, I enjoyed it. It was kind of confusing , but I think I get it. This island seems to like dragging people together. :P Which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Posted 16 Years Ago

wow... that was confusing.... but i could see that you were both happy and sad at the same time with this one good job!!!

Posted 16 Years Ago

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