The Dragon and the Hare;

The Dragon and the Hare;

A Story by Jimi Brady

This is a short fable that I wrote for a class assignment. I'm genuinely happy with what I wrote, so I've decided to post it. I'll state the moral of the story in the Reviewer Notes.

Deep in the forest, near a darkened bog cast in fog, a great dragon lay sleeping soundly, having gorged himself on a nearby village (the whole village, mind you - people, houses, and all). Upon him came a small, grey hare, insignificant to the great serpent. 
The hare, speaking loudly, said, “hile, you great sloth - you lumbering, slovenly excuse for a snake, why did you eat those farmers whose crops kept myself and my family fed?”
The dragon, opening a single, slitted eye, told the whole truth: ” I was hungry, yes, but more than that, I cannot stand to see the villagers with their friends, nor you, the hare, with your family. Why should you be so lucky when I have been born a dragon, terrible and terrifying to all, with no friends, no family, and no one but myself and my hunger?” 
The hare, feeling sympathy for the dragon, hopped closer and said, “dragon, I could keep you company - I could be your friend, if it would make you less lonely.” The dragon, gazing at the rabbit through that one maleficent eye, lunged forward and snatched the small animal from the forest floor with his great jaws. And the ancient beast, speaking only to the memory of the hare, said, “you forget that I am a dragon.” 

© 2013 Jimi Brady

Author's Note

Jimi Brady
The moral of the story is that you should never trust someone who cannot stand to see you happy.

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Added on October 8, 2013
Last Updated on October 8, 2013
Tags: fable, short story, fairy tale, fairytale, dragon, hare


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