A Story by Joe Hunnell

   The year is 2025, and the U.S. dollar has became completely worthless, ever-since around 2020 when it was revealed the Fort Knox was empty, void of gold, which resulted in a complete and utter crash of the stock markets. Several government agencies followed the federal reserve in a nose dive towards a drastic failure. As a result, martial law was issued in an attempt to deal with civil unrest in the form of riots, yet there was limited success. Shortly thereafter cells started forming, known as liberators. These cells had serious fire power, the stuff that was supposed to be under strict control by the armed forces, and some stuff that had been home-made. These cells took to industrial centers and burned them to the ground, steel & iron production ground to a halt as the city of Pittsburgh glowed red at night as fire ravaged the city. Several large cities would also suffer the same fate, as well as power plants water pumps and other facilities. Sometime thereafter rolling black outs & shortages of clean water became a sort of everyday routine across the nation, they spread like a plague from coast to coast. During that period of time several groups banded together forming militia's to scavenge for supplies essential for survival, and to claim new territories. The situation in the capital city of Washington D.C. wasn't any better, in-fact some argued it was worse. In a desperate attempt to save himself and his personal interests in D.C.; President Jack Barostow organized his on personal defense force (or military depending on your opinion of him) of troops that had been withdrew from foreign nations, and different parts of the nation, which would be concentrated in D.C. Several soldiers decided to leave the armed forces because they feared before it would be over, they would of had to turn their guns on fellow americans. Those who left were stripped of rank; from privates, all they way up to generals. They were branded "Enemies of State", and considered traitors along with civilians who disobeyed orders from regional commanders. In Southern West Virginia, history was going to be made when ex soldiers and a group of liberators signed a document to join forces for the common good of the people of the United States and restoring liberty and freedom no-matter the cost. This is where the story of N.O.A begins.     
Chapter 1-1 We Are N.O.A November 12 2025 Welch Courthouse , Welch WV.
 " And hereby on this day of Wednesday the twelfth, by the power invested in me, I instate the official bonding of ex 230th armored division & 451st Southern Tier Liberators as one unit under the name of N.O.A." Clapping could be heard all through the room and the building as well. For the first time progress could commence for the future of America.... a New Order of America. Around the local armory the newly formed alliance began training exercises in an attepmt  prepare them for what may lie ahead. For some it was just enough to breathe a sigh of relief in hope for a better future. For being outcasts and rebels(in the eyes of many) they managed to form an army with about the credentials of an semi-experienced merc group. Unorganized, fighting on different levels, un-proffesional, and un-orderly we just a few words some locals would use to describe the group. Though they didn't need to worry about Barostows supporters or army at the time due to the fact D.C. was his main concern, they would face their own unique set of challenges. The alliance had seen some combat in the form of skirmishes against raider and mercenaries over supplies and control of an area; although the skirmishes were decisive victories for the alliance, the casualties and injuries were higher than they ever should've been considering whom they were facing. Every person under the units region of control knew something had to be done, or else they would eventually fall under mercenary control. The question is WHAT needed to be done.  At that point in time, N.O.A.'s primary objective was to secure and defend the local area's and then to acquire new towns to hopefully have more recruits & volunteers. It was known that sooner or later they would meet and have a conflict with Barostows army, and by the way things were looking it was going to be a blood bath. Throughout the years after everything crashed, there had been several attempts to assassinate Barostow; ranging from bombings,hitmen,anthrax,and most recently poison. Somehow in all of them one little missed cue,that would have normally been frivolous had caused the attempt to fail, while others as Barostow himself had proclaimed were divine interventions. But he knew that time would be running out, and luck never lasted forever, so his solution was not only to mobilize his army to try to wipe out conspirators, and in the process expand his reign of power and control.
Chapter 1-2 We are N.O.A Not So Quiet On The Home-front     Nov.25.25 Welch,WV
Early that morning there was a meeting between the senior members from the two groups that formed N.O.A. with one common objective, to appoint a leader for the troops. The meeting lasted approximately two and a half hours of a non-stop debate, but at-last a final decision was made. Over the armory's loud speaker came the following announcement " Will John Madison please report to the local governing office" Once inside, Madison was debriefed on what had occurred and why he was there. Later that evening the announce was made stating that all troops were to report to the armory courtyard. There the senior members, along with newly appointed Commander Madison stood overlooking the courtyard; he spoke " The reason that we have been gathered here this evening is to discuss the order of command over this regiment, as of now, I will be serving as the position of Commander, further more, the senior members have a list of suggested rank's of command for certain individuals."
Chapter 1-2-1 We are N.O.A A New Sign of Hope              Nov.30.25 New Richmond,WV
In the town on New Richmond , approximately 22 miles out of the N.O.A. Headquarters signs of organized life were brewing. The local community formed together creating a sustained local government. Their first goal was to be able to sustain life in the area, make it a place were travelers would consider staying for long periods of time. The town would later become a key point of commerce in later years. From it's new starts, several buildings were rehabbed to be inhabitable. Many residents lived on upper floors, while they conducted trades and other business downstairs. They traded what services or goods they needed , for services or goods they could provide. Their second goal was communications with other groups that they could ally themselves with. With that being said they established a broadcasting tower rigged to a Ham Radio. Above all was ridding the region of those dammed raiders. If the raiders stayed and terrorized the town then travelers would avoid the region completely, thus cutting off a vital line of trade.  
Chapter 1-3 We are N.O.A. Communication and Consequence December.5.25
" This is the Republic of New Richmond, can anybody hear this message; I repeat, This is the Republic of New Richmond, can anybody hear this message over." The only thing that could be heard was static shuffling to try to receive any other signals. In a room on the ground floor of the Welch Courthouse they were testing a radio system recently repaired by local computer technicians )since they were the only people who had a clue about the things inner workings). Suddenly a high-pitched screech emitted from the radio followed by the New Richmond transmission. " What in the hell was that?" said both men simultaneously. "Should we answer back?" said one operator. "Well it sounds pretty organized, so I don't see why not." The radio operator replied to New Richmond's broadcast with "This is N.O.A radio operator Jervis, over." "This is Operator Davidson of RNR, over." Unbeknownst to them, the raiders had intercepted the communications. " Just great, absolutely fan-frickin-tastic , now we have to not only deal with New Richmond, but now we have to deal with these noa fools; move the ground forces, wipe out New Richmond before we have another problem on our hands." The raiders had amassed their forces in the town of Pineville five miles out from New Richmond. As soon as the order was given, the regions single largest movement of raider descended on the small post of New Richmond. 

Chapter 1-3-1 WE are N.O.A. The First Real Test Dec.5.25 New Richmond,WV/Welch,WV

Around Three in the evening a distress signal came over the radio stating the had never seen so many raiders , that they were taking a beating and didn't know how long they could hold out. Then Operator Jervis made haste and ran up to the meeting room, disrupting the debate on security measures for Commander Madison. " Bad news people, we just received a report of a massive, and quite possibly the single largest movement of raiders to this date approximately twenty-two miles out. They're attacking a settlement called New Richmond." One of the chief members stated with a bit of an attitude " And why exactly should we be concerned about some settlement under attack, when we can barely defend our on territory?" Jervis replied " Because if the are blown off the face of the earth, WE are NEXT!" "Ughhh fine, dispatch Renegades platoon to handle the situation" groaned the chief of arms. " Right away" replied Jervis as he left the room. Over the scanner at the armory the message was given to deploy the troops under Renegades command.  

 To Be Continued..................

© 2014 Joe Hunnell

Author's Note

Joe Hunnell
For any one interested in being mentioned in the story pm me for more info.

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