Eleanor Swan

Eleanor Swan

A Poem by J.R. Asor_28

A killer recalling to the death of his love one whom he murdered.


Brightness appeared at the sight of my view, pondering of a woman as majestic as you

Not only majestic, but also fantastic, I’m not being sarcastic, “I love you, I do”

The wind, fiercely it blew; please forgive me, that day I will rue

My dear Eleanor Swan, forgive me, will you?

There in the distant stood you so translucent

I can feel your dreary presence not in existence

Taking me back to where it all begun, the tragedy that I’ve done

I am sorry, my dear Eleanor Swan

There we were, hands to hands, palms to palms

On a day in spring, mildly so warm

Flat on our backs staring the sky, watching the clouds slowly pass by

I neared her ear and faintly whisper, “good-bye my dear”

Although our love was so severe, it grew to be more sincere

Sorrowfully, your life ends here, my identity is now revealed

Our relationship is now far gone, yet, it is not done

But remember this, I’ll say it once, “I love you…my dear, Eleanor Swan."

© 2013 J.R. Asor_28

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Added on February 21, 2013
Last Updated on February 21, 2013
Tags: poetry, poem


J.R. Asor_28
J.R. Asor_28

Homer, GA

Hey! My name is John Rick Asor. Just call me me John if you want. I'm 18 years old turning 19 on April 28. Such a big fan of poetry. Books, a little. It depends if they're about the supernaturals like.. more..