Death Clock

Death Clock

A Poem by J.R. Asor_28

“Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock”

Says the clock

Timing my life, how long will I live?

And when will I die?


It stood silently, as its time flew endlessly

Ting, ting, ting, ting, ting

The tintinnabulation of the bells

The bells by the door, it dwells


An eidolon stood, an eidolon I cannot tell

Imagination, hallucination, the mind’s creation

It stood stiffly still, its anger I can feel

No, it can’t be, that eidolon is real


Silence unbroken, it stood unspoken

Suddenly, the clock start chiming

As the eidolon started walking

Walking with a monody loudly spoken


So clear, a monody of a death I can hear

He reached his hand unto my neck

A luminous light has appeared

Blood showered with pain so severe


“Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock”

Says the clock

As I lay on my cold wooden floor

My body is cold and lives nevermore

© 2013 J.R. Asor_28

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Posted 11 Years Ago

I like your writing style. I hope to read more poems from you. You are a true-blue poet. :)

Posted 11 Years Ago


Posted 11 Years Ago

This is great work. Im not much of a poem reader, but this is astonishing. It entertained me and i really like it. The rhymes and all. Keep up the great work.

Posted 11 Years Ago

i love it gives a moral lesson

Posted 11 Years Ago

J.R. Asor_28

11 Years Ago


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Added on February 25, 2013
Last Updated on February 25, 2013
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J.R. Asor_28
J.R. Asor_28

Homer, GA

Hey! My name is John Rick Asor. Just call me me John if you want. I'm 18 years old turning 19 on April 28. Such a big fan of poetry. Books, a little. It depends if they're about the supernaturals like.. more..