Facebook Posting Freestyle Battle

Facebook Posting Freestyle Battle

A Poem by José Humilde

silly "feestyle battle" I'm the guy in bold...my friend is the one without.


Whats worse, your words you use are worthless, not worth a buck, I'm a grown man spittin, you like baby feet it tickles to touch, you thought you spitt first well i beat ya to the punch, now nothing left to but ponder over lunch, thinking up comebacks ya know crafty punchlines, for a grip and twice a six you can use some of mine, my throw aways those not worth a damn, but still dope enough ship wax, just ask soundscan! Ya know!

You hit me first with your wiggidy wackness. Here come some rhymes to bring out your blackness.//I like your style. It brings me a smile. But one of my rhymes are worth yours by the pile. //(CHECK IT) I still think you need to work on your flow. I can give you lessons, hey kidd, let me know. //Rapping is like my work and rhymes are like my tools. Hip-hop's not for all of us, I suggest you stick with Jewelz.

Did you seriously quote Kriss Kross, Holy s**t, its a mess, lets call in the red cross, or holy cross, or blue cross blue shield, something to snap back this weak spit to the real, something to help this mc off of life support, your skills are minor so this is my minor-ority report, with no tom or no cruises, just one chump one emcee that dumps, and a s**t ton of bruises!

Good to know that my flow hits so hard it got you bruising. But I must admit I still find your technique amusing.//Why are you mentioning dudes that jump on talk show couches? Thats about as weak as chewing on tobacco pouches.//Red Cross? Holy Cross? Blue Shield? Whatchu sayin? I'll take either one if it protects me from this s**t that you are sprayin.//Mentioning Kriss Kross, I just did that for some fun. Sampling classic joints, that was hip-hop 101.//Just to let you know, I'm done with all the messin'. I'm an upper level, just let me know about that lesson.

Finally something worth responding too, a couple more sessions with me and maybe you can spit too, not right now, but maybe soon, keeping working little one, maybe you can start a crew, s**t start your own hip hop group, call it "My fans chew bubble gum, and wear halter tops" Club, and tell funny stories of chillin with ern at the sub, and how I popped your cherry online while I was chillin in Chubb---- uck if ya must know, keep it colder than the D month snow, and just in case your wonder are not in the know, I have 10 thousand flippers for everyone of your wack a*s flows!
I must admit that I really admire your persistence. I'd be surprised to hear that you're writing without assistance.//Whats this about fans chewing gum, and wearing a halter top?  Reminds me of my weekends when I make them panties drop.//If you really wanna go, we can go toe-to-toe. You can get a first hand look at the José Humilde flow.//Excuse me if I startle you, I don't want to sound too mean. F**k a got damn flipper, for my flows you'll need a submarine.

© 2010 José Humilde

Author's Note

José Humilde
This is a "freestyle battle" that I am currently having with a friend via facebook posting. haha. Let me know who you think is the winner. I'm the words in bold.

P.S. "Jewelz" is the place where he works at in the mall. (You can see the picture)

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Haha okay who were you rappin with? Lol. Which one haha.

Posted 13 Years Ago

haha this was very entertaining. Thanks for posting.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Lol this is awesome! I hope you post more. I like yours a lot, it seems your beating him, hes gotta step it up haha. I loved this, thanks for sharing

Posted 13 Years Ago

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