Death like the Wind

Death like the Wind

A Story by JoyCJF

Death comes quickly. Like the wind, it blows past you wailing and screaming. And then you’re gone. That’s what happened to them. I saw. The wind moved swiftly like a sharp blade cutting; and it cut their souls away one buy one. I swear I saw it! I swear I saw their souls disappearing one by one in an instant. It was just like that; and then they were gone. This beautiful image - the graceful flow of the wind interwined with each soul - captured me and pulled me in. There was nothing so beautiful and peaceful than hearing the howl of the wind and seeing it swim through the air like a carefree fish.

I always thought, When will it be my turn? When will this strong wind come, and start cutting my soul? Will it be as beautiful as the others were? Would mine be special; would mine be even more beautiful than ever? It has happened to many around me. My mom; she was a nice lady. The wind; it gave one quick and hefty swipe and she was gone in an instant. These beautiful images never ceased to calm me, and never ceased to leave my mind. I wanted to see it again. I had to. I saw it again numerous times after that; they were just so beautiful. Then, while I was in prison, as my cell mate hanged next to my bed with a thickrope bound to the ceiling, I saw it. As the rough rope scraped against his skin, he panted and gasped for oxygen. His necked twisted, as if in slow-motion, like the twisting of dough. Then it came. It was howling; screaming like a banshee. But this time using a short blunt dagger, it tore at his soul slowly. Bit by bit it is torn away; the loud moan of the wind and the gasping playing a soft tune in my ear. Finally it was gone, bringing his soul along with it. And then it appeared again when I was with the warden. He was shouting; shaking with a gun pointing at me in his hand. With the tightening of the thick rope, the wind came and took him, and he was gone too.

Now, it was finally my turn. I stared at the small opening at the right hand corner of the room. I sat on the electric chair, shaking. Shaking not of fear, but of the chill that forbode the coming of the wind. The priest came, but all I could hear was the wind. It was coming. My turn. It was coming for me. As electricity flowed through me, I saw it. I finally met her face to face. I had never seen anything so beautiful like her. She kissed me, and told me she was sorry. I asked her, Why do you apologise when you’re so beautiful? And then I saw. I saw what she saw. What I did to see her. My mom; my friends; the girls I met at the alley; my cell mate; the warden. And then I saw my hands. All their faces, screaming out at me, pulling me in. They were screaming, howling out my name, sucking me into their world that reeked with death. With my remaining strenght, I turned and looked for her. But she was gone. All that was left was her distant howling. She had left me; and I was sucked into that never-ending blackhole that screams my name.

© 2010 JoyCJF

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Wow. I was sucked into this, like the people's souls into the wind. I love the way you used imagery to describe things and depict them so flawlessly in your point of view. Though it is short, it holds a hefty message and leaves a lasting impression. Great job, and thank-you for sharing.

~ EM

Posted 10 Years Ago

i enjoyed the way you made death so fun and real, i loved reading it

Posted 11 Years Ago

I really, really enjoyed this. I could see all of these things happening. The roar of death is so true, though sometimes it just whispers... Incredible. I wish I could rate higher then the 100 listed below.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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This was... uh... interesting! Death was never my hottest topic. But I like they way you made it so vague but I could visualize the event as it was happening. "Death like the Wind" I liked how it seemed so beautiful at first, but it fooled you in left you in the end. Sad ending. I like that too. (Still gives me the creeps... death.)

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on January 27, 2010
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Suprisingly morbid even though I am a bundle of joy. The irony of my name describes it all. more..

Mr Ferret Mr Ferret

A Story by JoyCJF

The Zebra The Zebra

A Story by JoyCJF