A Poem by Jude


Dear the one who threw me away and told me to never come back,
I don’t need your existence
I need you to go away
And smother yourself in a pillow of lies
Dear the one who loved me from the start,
I will never disappear
I will always tell the truth
And be the one you can trust
Dear the w***e, who knows nothing more,
You’re the mentally demented fool
Who can never do anything on your own
And looks down on everyone who are better than you will ever be
Dear the one who is so close to me,
Keep your beauty in and out
Keep our memories alive
And I will never be to far
Dear my biggest waste of time,
You will always continue to prove me right
That you are nothing more than the speck of flesh
And you will never be anymore that who you are
Dear the girl who showed me happiness don’t come only in human form,
I love your ways
How you showed me the support of a million strong men
And how you’re the one I will always hold on to
And never let go of.


© 2009 Jude

Author's Note

This poem is to two people. The green font is to the one I hate and the purple font is to someone that I love.

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wow well differently a lot of emotions good and bad.hurt, pain and love and content.the green u talk of seemed very manipulative in the words u say harmful and i feel the pain,as I went threw this myself but what happened to me made me a better and stronger person today.nobody is a waste of time and when others make us feel this we need to always remember when they say these things its because there unsure of themselves and who they are. It's wrong and not right because they have to hurt others to bring themselves up. this is a very good right thank u so much for sharing this with me. hugs :)

Posted 12 Years Ago

Hi there, interesting style.. abstract in both colour choice and representing 2 very abstract meanings in each person.. you can feel both your love and hate in each.. keep writing as you have some interesting things to say and seem to have some imagination to display as well!!! Thank you for sharing!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on March 13, 2009



Flint, MI

I write because it makes me feel good and full filled. I am 17 years old and I make good choices on what I want to be and how I want to turn out. But it doesn't mean I don't live. But I am not one of .. more..

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