A Poem for Justice

A Poem for Justice

A Poem by Julijana

In the light of current protests, started by students, against the corrupt government, and my own frustration with lack of justice in Serbia, and what I experienced while voting for the first time.


The 2nd of April, but it's still a joke

the people have voted - they've made it clear

five years of darkness, they chose with a sneer

for themselves, their children and also for me.

"It's a success!" they yell and cheer,

of course it is, of course it is...

The dead have voted, made their stand

"Show them to me!", I demand.

But I have seen and heard enough

the living voted - it wasn't tough

but they can't tell me why they did,

for a better future?!

who do they kid?

I'll tell you why they gave their vote:

a job, a sandwich, a bag of flour...

Oh how they gloat in our sinking boat,

it makes me angry, it makes me sour!

2000 dinars - it's all it took

they took the bait and bit the hook.

Although his face was all I could see,

a million billboards, a muddy sea

my middle finger is all he got

my vote, I swear, can't be bought.

I voted against the system, I did,

one voice indeed, but it was mine to give.

Others they only buried their heads,

oh what a bother to stretch their legs.

Now people protest in freezing rain,

I only worry there's nothing to gain.

Because he laughs, and drinks his tea,

and to the press he says, "Let them be."

My first time voting - oh what a blast!

I grind my teeth because this will last

Will this make me leave, I don't know,

I suppose I'll wait for another low...

My only message to adults out there:

there's no one else - you're the ones to blame.

Younger generations, think with your heads,

there's power in numbers, pick up the threads!

Younger generations, listen, I beg you and plead:

The leaders will follow when the people lead.

© 2017 Julijana

Author's Note

Although I would like to hear your opinion about this poem, and for you to bring to my attention errors that I have possibly made. I need to say that this poem is something that was made in one afternoon and holds my emotion from that day, therefore, I think that I won't be changing the text, maybe some punctuation. Mostly because I think that, I personally, will value it more if it stayed as raw as it was that day.

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Added on April 26, 2017
Last Updated on April 26, 2017
Tags: poem, justice, truth, protests, politics, frustration, serbia, 2017, protest, against, dictatorship




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