A Story by KIARA

DARKROOM IS HUMAN MIND, EXISTS in EVERYONE HELD ON TO DARK END OF LONG ROOM.Find light in ur life by holding on to little things or people making u happy make a string of lights and awaken your soul


There is a pitch dark long room.

There exists a coiled shadow in a room.
But the room is filled with gloom.


The shadow is still and seems in doom.
The room has hardly any light to move.
But why is there a shadow in a room filled
with gloom?


As I walk closer the shadow seems to be farther and farther in the room.
It is a long long room.

Flicker- flicker sounds in the room.

But there is not a single light in the room.

I move along the sounds of hustle rustle in the room filled with gloom.

The walk seemed like a round trip to Saskatoon .


A long pause filled the dark room.


As I turned back the shadow became farther and farther too soon.

Years and years flipped and the shadow became still and more still as if it could never move ,I presume.

But the room was filled with darkest tone of gloom.

The bulb flickered with a sound and a boom .

I held on to my ends of sweater in a fear of the sound of boom.

The ends of my sweater tore and thread coiled along my frozen fingers in a loop.
The threads of yarn arose high up in the air encircling above my head in hundreds of loops.


I threw the threads far ahead of me in the room filled with gloom.

The thread reached the bulb flickering at the farther end of the room.



I pulled the thread towards me with all of
my strength with the bulb attached in the loop.

As the bulb in the loop came closer and

closer towards me the bulb lit brighter and brighter in the thread of wool.

And it lit the brightest as the bulb reached me but the sound stopped and many flowers arose in abloom.


However the shadow far across the room was now a feet closer to me than before, I presume.

I felt a sudden urge and threw the loop of thread in the air , pulling and pushing the thread trying to catch another bulb in the loop.

Slowly and slowly I threw the thread and made a string of bulbs and the distant shadow farther and farther away came in the loom.


It was not a room but a huge world with a sky deeper in blue and a ground with
millions of figures in rushed sounds on the move.


I turned round and round and never found
the room as my frozen fingers clutched in the warm fingers of the figure as bright as moon.

© 2021 KIARA

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Posted 1 Week Ago

I can relate to this , this is amazing

Posted 1 Week Ago

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