Land Lost

Land Lost

A Poem by Adair

Remnants of an ancient land,
Deep within the earth.
Now covered black with pitch-dark tar.
Never to be released from these confines.
Chained beneath the weight of ignorance.

Heedless of any consequence,
Toxins spew forth and
quicken the death of all that dwells in once pure water.
Clouds of pestilence hang low above our heads.
Innocence devoured as sport
by the wolves of reality.

Forgotten are the ways of the past.
No care for traditions long upheld.

Gears churning,
Ticking towards its own
self-wrought destruction.
Engines burning,
Combustion of the age old
life blood of the Earth.
Mankind yearning,
Hunger for more,
Gluttony of the highest magnitude.

Blackened smokestacks,
Strangely silent,
The billow of smoke missing.
No cry of bird resounds,
No hum of insect wings.

The ever present song
of life and all that lives,
Has rung its final note,
A death knell for that
which walks,
or swims,
or flies.
For all that lives in fear,
and perhaps deserves to die.

Nothing churns, or burns, or yearns
in this now desolate landscape.
Oceans filled with noxious sludge,
settling into deep sea trenches,
sifting itself into the framework of the earth.

Grasslands burnt,
Now ash ridden expanse,
A fitting farmland for
the dark kingdom of excess.

Ever changed is the tundra,
falling snow now murky brown.

Crumbling remains of cities,
Store fronts smashed and
goods stolen.
All remaining,
shattered glass and
shells of cars
Strewn about the street.
Reaffirmation of our nature.
Even in the face of doom,
Order is disregarded.
A last Rebellion.

Dares a mortal man to ask,
What can be done?
Not before this fury of the gods.

Royal garb stripped,
Pillars crushed,
Star fallen,
Cross burnt,
The self lost,
Faith forgotten,
Faith forsaken.
Peace broken by discord.

No symbol safe,
from the blight of man.
All hold taint in their inner workings.
Imperfection made imperfect.
The truth may be revealed.

Retaliation for our greatest crimes.
A flood,
Final destruction of an unrepetant race.
Once again,
and more.

No saving ark
to allow lamentation.
No pity.
No mercy.

How far we have fallen,
At last it is no more.
Perhaps a line here remains for
time alone to know.

World unveiled,
we are the demon.

Thus is the final mark of man
upon the once great land
All too late.

© 2010 Adair

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wow truly amazing...perfect imagery to set the mood a dark and hopeless tone just wonderfully written!

Posted 10 Years Ago

Excellent, I am at a loss at how good this is great job.

it is unleashed and honest which is a quality I love about poetry.

Posted 10 Years Ago

World unveiled,
we are the demon.

Thus is the final mark of man
upon the once great land
All too late.

Enjoyed these lines, this is a very well written write.
I like this alot.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on August 3, 2010
Last Updated on August 3, 2010
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