From the Memoirs of a Vengeful Lover

From the Memoirs of a Vengeful Lover

A Poem by Adair

All starts with a whispered word,
a promise of love, an oath broken.
How could one respond to such
insult upon their soul?
Perhaps as I, turn to wretched madness.
It did not seem so mad the moment.
Passion, fury. The difference is minimal.
The satisfaction of release
feels just as sublime.

Traitorous hand, now lies cold,
denied the warmth of another forever.
Punishment for seeking sanguine affection.
Regret! How true, but is it not deserved?
Never settled for what is justly had,
turned to hidden sin.

Though I give no gifts,
no pitiful trinket symbolising desire,
no excuse is suitable for such betrayal.
And now she pays, every wrong a drop of blood.
A true betrayal weighs eternal
and this is the result.
But now! What to do?
Mustn't be seen or I wrongly branded as the traitor.

Slice and stab still glistening meat.
Hurry, hurry shan't be seen!
Where to hide this grisly feast,
feast fit for one such as her!
A well! There shall I dump the spread,
and better still wash my guilt,
blank as slate, my hands will be.

Some days have passed,
street rats laugh and yell in
the courtyard beneath my stair.
Rocks thrown into the hiding place.
Heart racing, blood pulsing through my head.
Fear of discovery overtaking all other thought.
Regardless, all with sense should flee
lest they be discovered.
And so I do.

As withdrawing my thoughts do wander.
Deep within the darkened well
in the court beneath my stair
muddy watters ripple,
response to an unseen disturbance.
Flashes white, if one looks.
Bloated flesh beneath the surface.
Left too long awaits rot.
The harsh sounds of insects gnawing
echos from the shaded repository.
When let be only bone remains.
Even this shall fade with time,
and all left in this pit,
an inscribed band and rose stained stone.

© 2010 Adair

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A true betrayal weighs eternal
and this is the result.
But now! What to do?
Mustn't be seen or I wrongly branded as the traitor.

WOW amazing words here, This is a wonderful write here.
I like this. It is very well expressed and written.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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A Poem by Adair