A Poem by Kathy Mc Cathy

Each thought quilled with strands of hope


Each thought quilled with strands of hope 

The yarn of hope is tough to catch for it is the poison and the elixir 

Too much woven into the thoughts leads to expectations

Those expectations turns to complications

This tangled mess shan’t be messed with 

Limited expectations is also misleading , for if u expect nothing 

What is it you are living for ?

This woven crochet shall be kept within reach , if not 

If it deceives for it will hurt in the deep 

Hope will be lost in life , and the will to live diminished 

For what comes next , It’s miserable to say it 

Expecting something from someone should be revisited again and again 

Expectations should be made only if you have to will to say it 

“ I won’t be let down , if this goes south , I will get up back up again and about “ 

Strands of Hope when used in the right amount shines an embroidery of the God’s plan for you 

Its foreseen expectations , it’s a tangled mess , when seen the right way lays out the next path for you 

© 2021 Kathy Mc Cathy

Author's Note

Kathy Mc Cathy
A relatable write , I 've been let down by expectations and have been uplifted by it , it's a confusing labyrinth.

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'shines an embroidery..' I really like this line.Yes without expectation we can't live...it would be a lie if we say we don't expect anything....but there should be some limit as to know ourselves and the way we want that to happen should be realistic otherwise it would be a mess...very nice write....keep posting

Posted 3 Months Ago

Kathy Mc Cathy

3 Months Ago

Thanks dreamer sima.for dropping by to give such a encouraging ang lovely review

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Added on October 20, 2021
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Kathy Mc Cathy
Kathy Mc Cathy


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