Hoofbeats, heartbeats

Hoofbeats, heartbeats

A Poem by A Glow in the Pit of My Soul

3 a.m. streets lit by headlights, ghosts of memories reaching out, the sweet sadness of nostalgia screaming out -the fight that happened around this bend the accident happened at this corner the laughter through these street lights at the same time years before, sleeping on benches sleeping in cars drinking and backyards

How does so much change? How do you forget, How do you record over memories like they were movies on a VHS? I can’t seem to - they just layer and build and everything becomes bittersweet and the darkness always fights the light over and over in a perpetual tumble

Fingers smelling like strawberries, brush back my knotted hair from my face,
I’m running through thickets like a familiar course, leaping over fallen trunks and dodging branches, breath fast and hot and the thrill of it all breaks a smile across my lips, thinking 

“I am a fawn, I am a doe, I know these woods under the tips of my hooves, I am agile and aware but as quiet as a still night. I am hunted and sought out and my grace will follow me to my grave, and even in death I will be tender and good”

© 2017 A Glow in the Pit of My Soul

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Interesting show and tell muse. I could relate to some of it and it somehow reminded me of my berry tree climbing times of childhood. I like fawns and does so I find it poetic that u identify with them. Thumbs up.

I'm a newbie here, pls read my poems but pleez review/comment only my 2nd , my newest poem here, wud luv to know your thoughts, Always nice to meet poem pals. And I like to know if my poem is easily understood as intended.

Posted 5 Years Ago

I am mesmerized by the way you weave words. This is extraordinary. I did not expect to come upon the ending. I've read this three times, now. It's absolutely breathtaking.

Posted 6 Years Ago

A Glow in the Pit of My Soul

6 Years Ago

Thank you, this means so much to me.

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Added on November 19, 2017
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A Glow in the Pit of My Soul
A Glow in the Pit of My Soul


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