the bother of writing

the bother of writing

A Story by Kees Kapteyn

Have you ever watched some painters while they paint- how they seem to stare down the piece as well as the subject and almost angrily take paint to the canvas. The artist throws himself mentally and physically into the act of creation. It's like that with writing too- it's an intense ordeal.

Writing is sometimes a stressful process for me. A rush of creativity can be exhilarating, but sometimes it can be frightening. I become so impatient to put the words down- or the words are impatient with me- that it drives me to an agitated state. I sometimes fear that the words are not right, as if the thoughts insist on being expressed with only the most accurate and perfect word. I perseverate on the search for the RIGHT word and if I can't find it, it's perturbing. In the end though, there is an immense satisfaction in what I have done that there is no rival to the feeling. I think I'm just in a rush to get to that feeling.

© 2009 Kees Kapteyn

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i, as well as probably every writer, can DEFINATELY relate to this feeling. I often find myself maticulously reading a poem over and over and over again.. often getting stuck on one line or one word wondering what verb or noun best fits in that place. Getting frustrated, repeatedly changing it back and forth. It is very intense b/c we all want to get this vision/idea/concept across perfectly to the reader and we want them to understand it as we see it in our own minds. Like trying to describe a dream and you wonder... are they seeing it as i did or something completely different?

you've expressed this very well, perfectly in my eyes in fact.

Posted 15 Years Ago

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Added on January 29, 2009


Kees Kapteyn
Kees Kapteyn

Ottawa, Canada

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A Story by Kees Kapteyn