I Am

I Am

A Poem by kera moondust

Some poetry I wrote tonight =3 enjoy.


I am a mosaic

With shards of glass

                Embedding my skin

Some people tell me

                They’re a form of art


I am broken

And I spend way to long

                Remembering colors

And the way

                (you make me)

They make me                 



I am ok

With this hand life

                Dealt me

                                Or at least I say I am

I guess I can win with it



I am trying

                Don’t ever try and say I am not

I’d give anything


                                Just to forget


And those god awful

                Seaside eyes


I am fine

I know you’re ok too

                We haven’t spoken in weeks

                                It’s ok

I’m coping with the dropping of this

                Bad habit

And I’ve got my life on track again

                                (for the most part)

These days


I am moving on

I have a new tongue to tangle with

A man with dark eyes

                - Not quite midnight

With a softness to them

                                (I’m all too familiar with it)

But don’t worry

                It’s not familiar mocha skin

I am a mosaic

                I will carry pieces of your ocean blue eyes

                                Like shards of glass

                                                Collected like stardust on my skin

I am broken

                And that is ok

                                Because sometimes there is beauty here

I am ok

                I have some new experiences under my belt

                                And I’ve been doing good kicking you like a habit

I am trying

                To get this life of mine on some kind of

                                Track and I think I’ve finally got it these days

I am fine

                Not that you’d care to ask

                                But I still think of you sometimes and I hope that’s ok.

I have moved on

                He looks at me in ways I’ve always begged you for

                                It’s unfortunate I will not stop loving you, trust me I’ve tried.

© 2014 kera moondust

Author's Note

kera moondust
Everything is intentional.

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Sometimes one has to kiss many frogs before finding our Prince/Princess...an endearing, soullbearing poetic soliloquy!

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Added on October 20, 2014
Last Updated on October 20, 2014
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kera moondust
kera moondust

San Francisco, CA

I’m Tori =) Kera is an alias, so do call me by my real name. This is usually where I tell you about me. I’m insane there aren’t many questions on the matter. I love life don&rsqu.. more..