Just a Week Ago: the other side of the story

Just a Week Ago: the other side of the story

A Story by ~Death Is The Key~

It was two weeks ago when I got the news, that I was dieing of an unknown and untreatable cancer. Every night around 2 am i go for a walk to the park to think about the things that I'll miss out on. It was a week after I got the news when I saw you staring at me at 2:20am. Then at 2:22am you approached me and said "hi".

We talked about our hobbies and it seems that we went to the same school but I was a month or two younger then you. But it seems that was the day we became friends. We were so different from one another you some how liked swimming but hated running and I love running but hate swimming. But I guess that's one of the reasons we were destined to be friends. We chatted for hours and then said our fair wells even though I knew it was goodbye and probably the last time you would see me. Another week goes by sense we have met. We didn't talk to each other until the day I called you and I told you "this is goodbye forever," then I sat the phone down on my desk and I looked at the pistil in my right hand, I lifted it up to my temple and BANG pulled the triggered. I don't know if my death had driven you to depression or not but I'm glad that I had a friend like you before I died.

Good Bye Forever.

© 2010 ~Death Is The Key~

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~Death Is The Key~
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This story expresses beautiful sentiment. I just feel that it seems to be written a bit too lightly. I want it to be heavier and a bit sadder.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on August 20, 2010
Last Updated on August 28, 2010


~Death Is The Key~
~Death Is The Key~

Raven, I have one friend that under stands me as a person. I believe in God but have to many questions and no answers. I love animals and I am adicted to gum. :D Having a guy for a friend is norma.. more..