R is for Ryan. V is for Vampire.

R is for Ryan. V is for Vampire.

A Story by KittyxoLove

The descripton is in the Note down below <3


Chapter One: Fumming and Sun Lotion





As I walked along the stone pathway, leading to Juilan's and my mother near manor house I smiled. It wasn't sunny all the time were I was from. But today the sky was almost smiling back at me. Telling me ' Yes Ryan Caius. You belong here. Even though Demtri was left home to find with his calculator and Grade 10 math. You belong.' Demtri is my best friend... till I die. His also a Vampire. Notice the name Demtri?Anyways...His a total Geek. But we geek out together even though I'd rather be hanging out in a forest than at ant camp. Yes,something yes my nerdy friend loves. I raced toward the Victoran manison that six year olds say is ' Haunted.' It's just re-painted a blue-ish grey-ish tint. I myself love it. But my mother insited on having her gardeners from the old manison fired. She claims, ' I'd rather care for my own childern...'
The house is pretty far away from all the other surban houses in the northern part of where I live. So our sprialling pathway and hearse ( Didn't I mention that Juilan insists on having one? Stella keeps Lucy locked up in the garage...) Isn't that easy to just run fve mintues to...blantly.

"RYAN!", Juilan screamed from the front door. I hated him. I hated him with all my heart. I never liked change. Even after my mother changed my bedroom colour.... I still hated it.

Where's my father... well not the ravenous,ego-tistic one? Well...

I was literally raisd in the Amazon. My father was raised there too. So one day my mother was with her family. Traveling near the Amazon jungle ( My Grandfather almost traveled everywhere in the world.... Then he died.) She met him and well sparks flew. My Grandfather was always learning his tribes ways. From hunting to just loving one another. Then.... Something happened.
Years after my mom Stella and Father Ty got married, about when I was four. He went out to Speak to his sister about his father and the ways. My mother thought everything was finer and coniuted cooking in our small home ( No, we did not live in a stupid hut like trazan. Everyone thinks that!) It had two floors and an attic. My Grandfather hired people to build it. ( We didn't cut down trees don't worry...) Then he never returned for three hours. My mother got scared and told me to stay infront of the t.v quielty. She went out side in her brightly coloured hawaiian dress. Then...screamed. He was dead. My hero. My father.

Well not to stress on that topic. She re-covered. Not t say I did...

"Whattttttttttt?", I groaned as I walked in front of Julian.
He rolled his eyes, " Your mother wants you to wear sunscreen.
I stared at my pasty skin... I didn't inheartiate sun-kissed skin from my father. My step-father and real father have nothing in common... well only that there both Vampires.

"Mom", I faced my mother annoyed touching my new fangs. Yes, I've been waiting to finally get my fangs in. Though I have the advantage of eating human food. Not drinking blood. So, I'm going to have fangs to school tommrow.


What an icebreaker....
Blonde girl, ' Hey are those fangs!'
Me the pasty black haired boy who looks like a vampire already ' Yes of course they are! It's a plus since my step -dad of a ego is i the vampire roatly! so he kills everyday!'
Her: * stares *
Me: Good bye sweetie.

That's what would happen.... most likely in my mind.
" I really don't want to wear that disgusting stuff", I finally replied wrinkling my nose.
"Fine", She wasn't making eye contact just on her knee's digging. Her long dirty blonde hair was piled on her head in a messy bun.
"Just.Don't.Whin.If.You.Turn.Into.A.Rasin.",.She paused through each word while pulling out a root.
I mumbled and walked away.

Most of you think, doesn't begin 15 and a vampire hard? Not really. Unless you count that my only friend is a Batman-Starwars-Lovin-Genius. Then I guess yes. From school to school girls liked me alto. I don't know why I turned them down. I just didn't want a fake relationship. I didn't want to be know as the player. Or ' That hot pale guy' Or anything. I just wanted to be know as Ryan. A guy that likes having friends and not scoring girls. But I like girls don't worry I'm not gay.


As I was circling the neighbour hood in my car ( I know i'm not suppose to drive but it's fairly easy,Unless you get attacked by a elk) I saw a park full of highschoolers. I got out and didn't even lock the door. I guess you can say I wanted to meet some new friends. The park was way to green for me. And the stone pathway to some teens cramming on there Mac's wasn't so inviting.
Then out into the coner of a stone wall I see Demtri. I yell for him. Of course he is wearing his Batman shirt. And is still fairly pale with his rosy cheeks and leafy green eyes macthed his brown tousled hair. Which girls go for. Oh cousre.
I see many people smiling as they look at me and quickly get out of there eye sight. Last thing I wanted was to be noticed for a stupid reason.
Like that is so immpossible seeing my dad is a major founder of our school now. And my mother is on the city conucl.
"Hmm..... great" I thought angrily.
I made my way toward demtri who was checking is wacth.
" Hi" He waves way to happily towards me. I rush toward him.
"Calm down!", I whisper.
He looks frazzled and confused.
"What.... I just don't want it to be the same like last year....", I talk normaly now.
He understands," Oh.... So have you talked to Janet? Or Lucy Or Jessie Or..."
I cut him off annoyed," No.... I don't feel like reliving some girls trying to sleep with me. That's not very fun"
I glare at him.
"Why you so moody today? Did someone have some bitchflakes this morning?!", He yells.
Demi ALWAYS had a temper. Even as little kids.
"Sorry Dem... It's just I don't want to screw up this year... I really. Really Really don't."
He thinks for a while. I also think too. I'm going to grade 11. Wow..... Highschool almost over? Not so wow.


Dem and I walked to my place. He filled my brain with talk of how there's a new comic book in store's about him. Yet I was so confused.

Then he decides to go VERY of topic.

My heart stops on the spot(even though it's beginning to slow down since i'm becoming the dreading V word. Vampire.)
When ever someone says her name it brings memories. She was... I guess you can call my first love. She recently moved when we were dating. Which was about 4 months ago.. and a couple of days. But hey! i'm not counting.
I really thought we were inlove. She was the quiet girl.She cared. And loved me.Like no one did before. I can't explain my love or her.When we broke up it wasn't because 'Cheating' was a factor.No... not at all. Mostly because well.... I don't know. We went apart slowly then. Out. I still have her picture on my billboard in my room. Those photoboths that I oh so conivteinly seemed to pass by?
Ya.......She was the classic. Chesnut hair with deep blue eyes. She looked kinda like one of those forest fairies everyone loves.
I still love her right. I just guess she didn't love me anymore.

"What about her", My tone is clipped as I'm in pain speaking about her.
"Her picture fell out of your pocket.", Dem picked in up slowly and chuckled. Her and I were at the park. She lips were pouting and I was sticking out my tounge. Yet.... I needed to hold onto that.

I quickly stuffed in in my jean pocket while demi snorted.
"Shouldn't you get rid of the old? LIke spring cleaning.", He retorted.
"....No.", I hasitly walked by him fumming.

Hmmm......Is that a good enough start for you?










© 2011 KittyxoLove

Author's Note

Doesn't begin 15 and a vampire hard? Not
really. Unless you count that my only friend is a
BatmanStarwarsLovinGenius. I didn't want to be know as the
Or ' That
Hot-I-Don't-Know-His-Name-But-I-Wanna-Do-Him guy'
Only, You belong here. Even though Demtri
was left home to find with his calculator and Grade 10 math. You
belong.' Demtri is my best friend.His also a Vampire.
He is a total Geek. We geek out together
even though I'd rather be hanging out in a forest than at
ant camp.

But lately, ever since we have moved here from the Amazon escape, after my father died. Which frankly...ruined my life. Now Juilian, Mr. Ego Man. My new step father. Who... I think is out to get me in the end. My mother who is human, doesn't know a thing.

But this year will bring alto for me.

I guess I will. Dream without Fear. And Love without limits.

But only for a while.

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I'll add more chapters.

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