I Thought I Had Found Love

I Thought I Had Found Love

A Story by Raheem Lyttle Kiyaga

Before you fall in love, make sure there is someone there to catch you.

I've given up. I don't think I am going to ever find that match sought, incredibly elusive thing called love! On assumption that it actually exists, and its up to me to find it, this is a day that I declare that I'm done searching, let it also find me.

For a man like me who's supposed to be settling down soon, atleast according to friends and family, and wellwishers, this is not a good move.

But I've no alternative, I've searched and after all these years(I started at a very early age, mind you), what do I've to show for my efforts? Nothing! At some point, I actually dated for the sake of it, just cuz the girls were there, they're beautiful and I'd nothing better to do. A man has certain needs. But for the real purpose of dating, to find a soulmate, to find love, I gave up along time ago.

But recently, I revived my efforts, I's inspired by a friend of mine who got married to a really nice woman, and obviously adored her. Everyone could tell they're nuts about each other, and for a man who'd dated the same girl for the past three years, this was really amazing.

Seeing how lucky and happy he was, I ventured out again, this time seriously, and what I found was a real action movie. It's suspicious the way we even hooked up I mean, I got her number from a friend of hers, and gave her a call, once I'd identified who'd given me the number, it all became smooth sailing.

The first date came, the second date went by, and by the third date, we're behaving like we'd been dating for a long time and we're madly in love. I mean we're constantly in touch. I was excited about her, and to me that must have seemed like love. We see those people in love all over each other, so this was my turn. And that's exactly what she must have been looking for; a man to give her undivided attention. We painted the city red, the two of us always together, Bonnie & Clyde style. We went to each other's parties, functions, everything. She even started coming to my workplace when she left work early.

But, that's hard to keep up forever; man has got to make a living. With time, I started "neglecting my duties". I'd take two hrs without replying her texts. And I nolonger found it vital to walk out my meetings to talk to her. I'd instead text her that we'd talk later. She didn't like this new me, but, we're in "love" and love is all compromise.

But even that love is not immune to deeper baser emotions like impatience. She starting doubting my seriousness, I got irritated by the all show we're putting on. But nothing serious came up, we remained in "love", though with each passing day, I felt less and less in love. I strayed a little, but I ended it before I's caught. Such a relationship had to get out with a bang of course.

Oneday, she dumped me. Just like that. Nothing surprising about that, but it's the way she did it; at our firm dinner. I ofcourse had invited her. And everything seemed to be going well, at least according to me. She was the center of the party, even managing to outdo our own firm beauty queen. In the middle of the partying, just when everyone had loosened up and the party was being to get interesting, she stood up, called for a toast, and read some text I'd sent to a "friend" of mine I'd saved as "Taylor". However she got it, I don't want to know. But the message is censored, but from its contents, either I was gay or "Taylor" was a girl. She said exactly that to the now very attentive and amused party people to everyone's great amusement, and walked out. And I thought I had found love.

© 2012 Raheem Lyttle Kiyaga

Author's Note

Raheem Lyttle Kiyaga
Before you fall in love, make sure there is someone there to catch you.
God gave us eyes to see the beauty in nature...and hearts to see the beauty in each other.

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Added on April 15, 2012
Last Updated on April 15, 2012
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