Twilight Letter (book review)

Twilight Letter (book review)

A Story by Klpindc12

I was looking back on my school work from last year and thought this one was pretty good. Decided to share it before I deleted it.



New Moon

Stephenie Meyer

Word Count: 598

  March, 5 2005


Dear Edward,

   I am sitting in my bedroom looking at blue walls, and the yellow laced curtain on the wall. My room hasn’t changed at all since I was a baby. The only exception is my bed. I am thinking about when you left me. How your face showed no sign of sadness only coldness. I remember how you told me you didn’t want me to come with you. But you were actually saying you didn’t want me anymore. I remember chasing you through the forest even though I knew it was useless. How I felt so numb and just laid there on the forest ground.


  I remember how I cut my finger on a piece of paper in a room with six vampires. Only something like that could happen to me. I remember how it was all too much for Jasper. Right when he was about to attack me you slammed me to the floor and protected me until your family got him outside. I remember the shock then realizing I had been knocked into glass and my whole arm was bleeding. How Carlisle pulled all of the glass out of my arm and fixed it. I then told Charlie that I tripped and fell in glass to protect your secret. I remember for the next couple of days it was like you had a sore throat you hardly ever talked. I begged my lucky stars that we weren’t going to come to an end, but we did.



I would like you to understand that when you left I never forgot you. Even though you told me it would be like you never existed my memories kept haunting me. I would wake up screaming every night having dreams about you leaving me. I screamed so much Charlie didn’t even come to check on me anymore.  Up until I met you in Italy I had this big hole in my chest. Even though there wasn’t really a hole in my chest it still somehow caused me physical pain. When the pain got too much to bare I would crawl up into a ball to hold myself together.  I refused to watch TV, listen to music, or anything that reminded me of you. 


   I tried to find things that I know you wouldn’t approve of because when I did something dangerous I would hear your voice in my head. Your voice would be telling me to stop, go home, and try it’s hardest to convince me not to do whatever I was doing. So whenever I saw the chance to hear your voice I would take it. The real reason why I went cliff diving was because I knew your voice would be yelling at me. I know it was stupid, especially since I didn’t wait for Jacob. But when I hit the water, and felt the rip current I decided what was the point of living? Right then death seemed more peaceful then the painful life I was having.

  But when Jacob had saved me I realized that was a really stupid move. I would have caused Charlie, René, Phil, Jacob, and you pain, and sadness. When Alice came back and told me you were going to go to the Volturi, to kill yourself because you thought I was dead I freaked out. If I ever die because of some stupid move I make you shouldn’t go and get yourself killed to. You should live your never-ending life forever, like it’s supposed to be.


            Bella Swan





© 2010 Klpindc12

Author's Note

Ignore grammar/spelling issues :)

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You did a really good job on this. I enjoyed it very much. :)

Posted 13 Years Ago

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