My Idiot ...

My Idiot ...

A Poem by Kousika

My Idiot…

You came in my life like a butterfly..

Made my days colourful.. Joyous...

Now we are flying, jumping

from flower to flower fighting

for the sweet honey…

sharing it unequally.. then laughing



We were from different backgrounds..

But the roots looked like a photocopy..

First, when I saw you, my conscience

implied she is you..

Later I understood your conscience

too told the same.. How sweet itz..!!


Then when we both were standing

alone in the road, you grasped my hands

told come let’s go.. Let us rock the world..

Now, we are truly rocking..


Each time we talk both utter the same..

Same thoughts, same thinking, same feel..

Feels we are the same, not different human..

We are different bodies with same soul..


When I get a problem, you find the solution..

It’s me when you get.. You are at the peak

of anger when someone raise their hand

against me.. You slap when others stare

at me.. You come running towards me

to hug when you are happy..


Search me through the window even

before entering the class.. After seeing

me you jump inside.. revealing it through

your smile.. Then, after seeing me you

never take your gaze on me.. Come by seeing

me with a cute smile.. I too smile and come

forward to hug you and wish sweet morning..


From then on we join our hands.. roam, roam

till our legs say no to walk.. Even our legs become

tiresome, but our friendship, love, care for each

never gets tired. It always gives more than received.


You got me in your shoulder when I was worried..

Praised me when I achieved.. Touched the sky

when some good happened to me..


All are jealous of our twin mature.. Greed of

our friendship.. God showered me with not so much

love or affection.. Instead He showered you for me !!


He mischievously say whether I could find

and hold you or not.. But, I tightly holded

you and showed Him that We both are

born for each other to show that one

can take care of the other so well…


Within few days we will go in search

of our life.. But I say we won’t go away

from our twin road.. Our foot will not even think

to move away..

© 2015 Kousika

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I really liked this poem. The unity there is between your characters are joyful and pure. (I might concerder a title change... there is nothing idiotic i can see :) )

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

thanks a loott..
Friends are our eyes .. For they care so much like our family members...
Never leave them at any cause.. Enjoy your life with them and make your life colourful .......................................................

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Tamil Nadu, India

I am passion lover who wishes to do something that makes me and my surroundings happy :) I am a final year engineering student.. I wana live my life thoroughly, enjoy to my fullest and mark my footpri.. more..

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