My 120th birthday party

My 120th birthday party

A Story by Kristina

I had an assignment in English 101 to write about my futuristic birthday party. This is what I came up with. Thoughts? Ways to improve, thank you! Do I have a future in writing? Should I forget it.


My Legacy by Krisy Wyatt
Driving up the driveway, fields can be seen in every direction for miles. There are cows on one side and sheep on the other. The air smells of freshly cut hay as Joe has begun the annual hay harvesting. Dome shaped hay mounds and began to develop on the side of the sheep. I can see slightly beyond the fields, as green forests peak their branches slightly over the horizon. The driveway is long and curvy, yet not boring because the view has engulfed my attention. Rounding a bend in the road a peek-a-boo vision of a house appears. I see a white farmhouse style mansion with white pillars nicely place on the front of the house. Cobalt blue has been delicately painted for the trim and roof. I see my sister on the front in her porch swing, as I arrive for her 120th birthday celebration. She is my best friend and a matriarch in our family.
I can tell she still has spring in her step and she jumps out of the swing with enthusiasm at my arrival. It has been a year since I saw her, because she has been in Africa, tending to the orphanages she built years ago. She likes to go there often to make sure things are being ran smoothly, and the kids are not being treated wrong or being neglected in her absence. I notice I am the first to arrive, and with tears in our eyes, we embrace for what seems like an eternity, as neither of us want to let go. My children are with me although grown now, also love on their favorite auntie Krisy. She runs to my car to help bring in the brood of children that are my grandchildren, who have fallen asleep during the long trip to aunties. She picks them up and snuggles them one by one, giving each of them the same amount of time as not to appear to show favoritism. She is an amazing woman with so much love for her family.
Once I have settled in to my luxurious suite she has prepared for me, I leave with in the mission to find her, and to ask her if she needs any help with the final preparations for the party this evening. As I approach the main house, I see three limousines pulling in front of the house. I can tell by the look on Krisy’s face, that in those long cars, hold her three once small, now grown up children; Josiah, David, and Hannah. Poring out of each car are also her great grandchildren, competing for the first hug of their kindhearted “Nana”. Josiah and David became software designers who started their own company, and are wealthy beyond words. They have retired and have a very large staff that is run by David’s oldest son Nebbie. Hannah pursued her dream of being on stage earlier in her life, and won ten dove awards in her lifetime, for best Christian recording artist in the United States. She married a wonderful man that loves and adores her. All three of her kids are healthy, happy, and to her highest pleasure, lovers of God.
Next to pull up is a large diesel truck pulling a camper behind it. Mom and Dad have made it. Honking their horn as they enter to make sure we all know they have come, Krisy graciously waves them in. I can hear her telling them that she had another guesthouse that she had prepared for them and there was no need for the camper. However, Dad insisted, he said he feels more at home there, so she kindly relented. Dad can be proud at times, but he means well. Then out of the back of the camper my brother Mike, and my grandmother Sarah step out. “We’ll take your offer on the suite, four in the camper makes tings a little bit crowded”, and they laughed. She had a suite prepared for Mike and his family, and Grandma got her own as well.
The time of the celebration was drawing near. I could tell because the tailors had come to my room a few hours earlier to get my measurements for my gown. Krisy had planned a surprise for all of us, but would not reveal her plan for the night. My only job she would let me do was to give a speech after all of the family had arrived, and the party had commenced. It would be an easy one to write, as she had always been such a gracious sister. I was still in anticipation of to why I was to be wearing a ball gown in the middle of the country. I would soon find out. Evening approached and the candle lighters made there way around the enormous estate, and finished last minutes aspects of the party.
I heard a knock on the door. I opened it with delight as my sister had come to escort my family and I for the surprise destination. We went down a long hall toward the back of the house, as we exited through the back door I marveled at the sight. There was a path in the middle of the grass with flowers bursting with color as to lead the way. A rustic yet modernized barn sat at the end of the color-coded footpath. Still in confusion as to why so formal, I proceeded towards the barn. There were trampolines and swing sets. Bouncy houses, and ponies, that I knew she had always had for when her grandchildren came to visit, which was very often. My kids and grandkids were in awe of the picturesque light that had been orchestrated in rows and were flashing to the music that could be heard from the background. Almost there I thought to myself. The anticipation was almost more than I could stand for one night.
All of a sudden a timber door was rolled away and two men in suits tastefully opened a pair of French doors for our entering. I looked around almost in shock as to how the inside of the barn had been transformed into a glamorous royal like ballroom. I saw Champaign fountains and crystal chandeliers. The intricate details on the wall looked as though they were done hundreds of years ago, and they frothed with beauty and taste. It almost seemed magical. The men wore long tailed coats and a live piano player was the music of the night. The place sparkled, and all of the relatives I grew up with and loved dearly were also there.
We proceeded to the next room over and walking in I saw, to further amazement a large marble table with enough silver place settings with enough room for our whole family. The centerpieces were flowing with fresh lilac and roses, which the aroma alone, took your breath away. I could see roses and carnation, with baby’s-breath peeking out from between the stems. There were purples, pinks, yellows, and every other bright color enough to overwhelm your sense of sight. Study, yet rustic looking chairs with embroidered velvet patterns sat in a perfect circle around the table. Large bouquets of flowers sat staggered atop the table.
I looked to my side and I almost gasped out loud at the breathtaking display that sat before me. I saw a chocolate pouring fountain with a sea of strawberries on elegant silver kabob skewers. They had all been placed in a circle on top of one another surrounding a tree of other assorted fruit and berries. I saw watermelon carved into the shapes of roses, blueberries and a colorful assortment of grapes place inside for an extra wow factor. There were custards and pies, cakes and creams, enough variety to make the pickiest eater salivate at the sight. All of this for desert I thought, what must be for the main course. My sister graciously walked me up to the dinner table, as the men in the men in long tailcoats helped us to our seats. Just then, to my continuous amazement, the first course was divulged.
The servers emerged, singing and dancing gracefully in unison, it seemed almost as though they were making their own music. They carried pure silver trays, to high for me to see was on them at first, then as they sat down the platters I saw the most beautiful appetizers you could think of. I saw prosciutto purses filled with mascarpone cheese, drizzled with truffle oil and tied with a chive ribbon, I saw Marinated chicken breast, cranberry honey mustard and goat cheese on focaccia bread cut into heart shapes and slightly covered with sparkling party favors. There were prawn cocktails and lobster claw virgin Bloody Marys’ for the young and the old. Crab and artichoke dip also had come to accompany the focaccia bread, which came from the platter of a gentleman in black, wearing a perfectly fitted top hat. I had only been able to sample a few of the appetizers when, all of a sudden, the mail course was brought out.
Out came Roasted Nassau grouper, fingerling potatoes, tomatoes, capers and olives. Braised Duck with Fig and Port Sauce soon followed, however, my sister knew me so well, and she knew I preferred seafood or chicken over duck, so the servers passed by me on this round. She then instead presented me with Lobster in a slow poached version that had been marinating in butter then into a broth made of butter and lobster coral. Detailed and refined, although not very groundbreaking or daring of a course, but she new it was my favorite. Coconut crusted prawns, scampi, and an assortment of other seafood dishes kept piling in from the servers, until I had eaten to my hearts content. Raspberry mimosa was my beverage of choice with my amazing meal.
Dinner ended and I knew speech time was upon me. I slowly pushed my chair back, stood to me feet and picked up my Italian crystal goblet. I spoke these words,
” I would like to thank you, my gracious family, for being here on this glorious night to celebrate my sisters 120th birthday. I would like first of all to say that as she is my only sister and that I am honored have the privilege to be able to give this speech.
” As you all know, Krisy, my sister has made many contributions to this world, spiritually and physically. She started Only Hope Ministries in Africa and has since been able to house every orphan, not one has to be alone or hungry. She dedicated her life to medical research and found a cure for cancer that has a 100% success rate, thank God for that.
She has raised three children that have good hearts, which love their families, all people and love God with all of their hearts. She has been an example to all wives the way she has been there for Joe all of these years. The love between them is evident to us all. I would call her a humanitarian, a philanthropist, and a best friend. You may call her an angel sent from heaven. I am particularly proud to be able to call her my sister. There was a time when some of our families were falling apart, and she helped us all back on track. A domino effect swept through our family and we were no longer broken people. We owe that her. Krisy will always be the catalyst known for starting out wounded and ended up a heroine to all of our hearts. I love you Beena.” I said with a wink and everyone began applauding. Life is perfect.

© 2014 Kristina

Author's Note

Rough draft, would just like honest feedback as I am new to writing.

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"Life is perfect" is correct. It does seem idealistic and written in a romantic way; it also feels a bit formal, but that could've been done on purpose. If this is an assignment, you should check over your grammar (especially possessives), but the context, the story of itself is great.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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