Dreams Recollection #2 (The Burning Pit)

Dreams Recollection #2 (The Burning Pit)

A Story by Kyle J. Lawson

Not your normal weekend...

Year: 1998-2000
Date: Unknown
My Age: 8-10

It was the weekend. My dad was watching a football game and I had fallen asleep face down on the couch. And suddenly, it seemed that I had woken back up. We watched the game for what seemed about ten minutes. Then, one of the players intercepted the ball and plowed for the goal. But something happened.

A giant slab of earth rose up from the ground and swallowed the player. The commentator yelled in disbelief and the other players bolted in all directions. The people in the stands went frantic and began to scream and dart towards the nearest exit. It was utter chaos.

The entire stadium floor rumbled violently and collapsed on its self. The camera view fell level with the field. Then, cut to static. I never looked to my dad nor did I look away from the TV. And before I knew it, the couch opened up to reveal a bubbling pit of magma. 

I fell through the couch. And could actually feel the heat from the burning cauldron. It became more intense the closer I was. But just before I made contact with the liquid rock, the images faded.

© 2013 Kyle J. Lawson

Author's Note

Kyle J. Lawson
Review and rate this for me. But remember, this is a real dream I've experienced.


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Added on June 27, 2013
Last Updated on July 3, 2013
Tags: football, horror, hell, scary, fear, game, nightmare, dream, psychology, psychological, fire, ground, stadium


Kyle J. Lawson
Kyle J. Lawson

Greenwood, IN

Greetings everyone, I'm Kyle. I've recently gotten into writing within the past three years and love doing it. I'm always looking for ways to improve, since I'm nowhere near good or great in any shape.. more..